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WALNA Assessment- Year 7 - Article Example

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 This article "WALNA Assessment- Year 7 " discusses practice questions some of which are too simple for a year 7 student, such as counting objects and simple sums. It analyses the literacy assessment which contains questions related to a magazine given to the students…
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WALNA Assessment- Year 7
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Extract of sample "WALNA Assessment- Year 7"

Download file to see previous pages Part B includes problems like simple and somewhat complex calculations. Simple multiplication sums are too easy for a student in year 7 and should be eliminated from the assessment. Of course, a year 3 student can also do it. Fractions and decimal questions are well constructed and properly placed. Diagrams have properly been used to make the question clearer.
The literacy assessment contains questions related to a magazine given to the students. They have to tell the title of the magazine which is a very easy question and does not have anything to do with the assessment. There are questions related to different topics in the magazine, such as, telling the right statement for which the students have to go through the relevant topic. This is a good way to assess the students’ understandability of what they have read. Questions like what the writer means when he says a particular thing is very appropriate and assess whether the student has comprehended the actual idea of the subject in question. All the questions are in the good sequential pattern and appropriate for year 7.
The spelling part of the spelling and writing assessment deals with the students’ knowledge about correct spellings of what he fills in the blank spaces. It assesses whether they are able to fill in the correctly spelled words inappropriate places or not. But there are no choices of words given which make the task somewhat difficult for year 7 students.
The writing part asks the students to write a story based on the given idea and should include the setting, characters, events and the conclusion of the story. This is a very proper means to assess the students’ writing capability.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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WALNA Assessment- Year 7 Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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