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Teaching Thinking Skills: Exercising Cognitive Abilities - Essay Example

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This essay talks about the opportunities in the teacher’s relationship with the student to introduce thinking skills training such as problem-solving, logical reasoning, statistical reasoning, scientific reasoning, etc., and how these opportunities are strengthening the students result…
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Teaching Thinking Skills: Exercising Cognitive Abilities
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Extract of sample "Teaching Thinking Skills: Exercising Cognitive Abilities"

Download file to see previous pages The essay "Teaching Thinking Skills: Exercising Cognitive Abilities" talks about the thinking skills training such as problem-solving, logical reasoning, statistical reasoning, scientific reasoning, etc. Problem-solving is a broad category of thinking skills and usually calls upon many other knowledge domains. Though teachers attempt to teach problem-solving skills, it may be more efficient to concentrate on other cognitive domains to emphasize the various skills a child might apply to problem-solving. Logical reasoning is the step by step process of arriving at conclusions. The fewer operators involved, the easier it is for children to solve problems. As children develop their logical thinking skills, they go through many “aha” moments of insight until these moments are internalized and the process smoothes out in later years. Following on logical reasoning is statistical reasoning, which is best developed on a deliberate basis separate from other cognitive skill sets. It is difficult for children to translate statistical reasoning skills into other domains, but these skills are necessary for a great number of problems. Scientific reasoning combines both logic and statistics; by exposing children to a number of scientific problems and allowing them to exercise their reasoning skills, they can learn to apply knowledge across domains. Visual reasoning and creative thinking go hand in hand, with creative thinking bringing together exercise of cognitive skills and allowing those overlapping domains to interact. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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