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Universal Precaution Guidelines and Common Illnesses - Assignment Example

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The assignment "Universal Precaution Guidelines and Common Illnesses" states that infectious diseases have been ubiquitous dangers to mankind. From the biblical plagues and the Plague of Athens in the early times to the Black Death of the Middle Ages, the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic…
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Universal Precaution Guidelines and Common Illnesses
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Extract of sample "Universal Precaution Guidelines and Common Illnesses"

Some health care workers have died of occupationally acquired human immunodeficiency virus infection and drug-resistant tuberculosis (Radford, 2004). Extensive illness results from many other occupationally acquired infections (Philips, 2004). Rather than receiving displays of public sympathy, however, health care workers with occupationally acquired diseases may be ignored or ostracized, their health care benefits imperiled (Greenberg, 2005).
This study would help assess the student nurses who are engaged with their related learning experiences in the clinical areas. This study certainly promotes health by practicing the preventive measures that are learned in school. Furthermore, the study would promote awareness of the detrimental effects that may precipitate when their compliance with the universal precautions falls short. Consequently, this study would provide health awareness to the community.
Statement of the Problem
This study will be conducted to measure the level of compliance of Student Nurses in Universities. More specifically, it aims to answer the following questions:
1. What is the level of compliance to the Universal Precaution among Student Nurses in Selected Universities?
2. What are the incidences of common illnesses experienced by Student Nurses in Universities.?
3. Is there a significant difference in the compliance to the universal precaution and common illnesses if analyzed by:
3.1. Gender
3.2. Year level
4. Is there a significant relationship between the compliance to the Universal Precaution and incidences of common illnesses if analyzed according to year level?
Compliance to the Universal 3
To answer objectively the problems listed in the preceding section, null hypotheses are formulated:
Ho1: There is no significant difference in the compliance to the Universal precautions if analyzed by (a) gender and (b) year level.
Ho2: There is no significant relationship in the compliance to the Universal precautions and incidences of common illnesses if analyzed according to year level. Read More
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