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Stephen Foundation Contest - Case Study Example

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In the paper “Stephen Foundation Contest” the author discusses the case of two accomplished students who have won the 2009 contest sponsored by the Stephen Foundation for their essays on the Federal Monetary Policy. Morgan Phillips and Alicia Hampton have written winning essays…
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Stephen Foundation Contest
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Extract of sample "Stephen Foundation Contest"

Morgan earned and accomplished several honors and awards this year which include: Honor Student, Outstanding Student Council Service, National Junior Honor Society, Million Word Reader for the 2008-2009 School Year, an excellent overall result on her 2009 CRCT test and now, the recipient of the Stephen Foundation Essay Contest.
Alicia Hampton is the daughter of Kevin T. and Sonya Hampton and her proud grandparents are Arnett and Mary Ann Williams of Whigham Georgia. Alicia is also an outstanding student, attending Whigham Elementary School and maintaining her name on the Honor Roll List. She has been an outstanding student and has now contributed to her awards with the 2009 Stephen Foundation Essay Contest.
The Foundation is proud of the accomplishments of these two outstanding students and applauds their efforts for researching their work well and for closely following the instructions for the essay. The two students will not only be honored with the award, but will each receive a mini-laptop, a $500 check, and a backpack full of school supplies that will last throughout the year.
We are proud of the outstanding accomplishments of these two students and encourage them to continue their good work throughout their school years. Read More
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(Stephen Foundation Contest Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 283 Words)
Stephen Foundation Contest Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 283 Words.
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