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Advising and Counseling Student Athletes by Broughton and Neyer - Article Example

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This essay discusses the essence of counseling for student-athletes. The students who are athletes face more stress and more challenge and as a result, it is evident that they require more amount of counseling compared to the other college students. …
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Advising and Counseling Student Athletes by Broughton and Neyer
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"Advising and Counseling Student Athletes by Broughton and Neyer"

Download file to see previous pages It has been mentioned in the literature that the student-athletes can be best counseled by incorporating counseling in four steps which involves academic counseling, life skill development, clinical counseling and performance enhancement. It has been said in the book that the students many time fear the fact that if they seek the advice of counselors they will be considered weak and that may have an adverse effect on their performance and their social image. There are various problems which student-athlete faces and it remains the responsibility of the institutions to cater to all their emotional needs and provide them the support required. The piece of literature here goes on to say that there are yet many flaws in the counseling programmes of the student-athletes and the college authorities should become effective in addressing the existing flaws and review the situation accordingly so that the athletes, as well as the college authorities, benefit from them.
The authors Hamilton and Sina, (2001) in the article, “How College Affects Student-Athletes” refers to the fact that colleges play an important role in the lives of the student-athletes and the concerned authorities should realize their responsibilities and direct their efforts towards the right direction. The athletes should understand that the authorities care for their overall well being. And the authorities should not only focus on athletics that may bring in a negative impact. Rather they should structure policies in a manner that will help the student-athletes in the long run of their lives and it will allow them to fulfill all their dreams. Thus we get to know that academic institutions have a major role to play in the lives of athletes.
With more and, more of globalization athletics is a major form of entertainment. The college athletes of the present age are not only shaped by factors of the universities and colleges. They are influenced by a number of other global factors which include social, moral and economic issues.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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