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Special Populations: Legislation, Litigation, and Advocacy - Essay Example

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An essay "Special Populations: Legislation, Litigation, and Advocacy " reports that several considerations should be made when placing a student in special education programs, with regard to transportation.  Illnesses,  medications, and specific behaviors are among the most important…
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Special Populations: Legislation, Litigation, and Advocacy
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Extract of sample "Special Populations: Legislation, Litigation, and Advocacy"

Download file to see previous pages In P1 he was first allocated 15 hours a week support from a classroom assistant but despite this he still had tantrums where he screeched at the top of his voice, lay under the tables and wandered the room constantly.  His support was increased to 25 hours.  Despite this, he was never able to stay in school beyond mid-day.  The year had been very difficult for the class teacher - she had had to restructure her whole class, sometimes having the classroom assistant leading the rest of the class while she attempted to teach Ben.  Despite regular entreaties to the parents they insisted he could cope with mainstream education until eventually the principal was forced to tell them Ben would be suspended unless they agreed to place him in the special unit attached to the school.  This they reluctantly agreed to do. You are a special education consultant hired to review the programs offered by Strabane School. You have pulled Ben’s file. Review the scenario above and identify the areas that might create concern, for both Strabane and P1 (Public School 1). Identify the principles of IDEA (Individuals with disabilities education act) that are either being violated or not being enforced because of current school policy. Create a report with recommendations for compliance with FAPE (free appropriate public education), Appropriate, Assessment, and IEP (individualized education program) for this district. It can be a bulleted list. ● “During any subsequent removal that is for ten school days or less, schools provide services to the extent determined necessary to enable the child to appropriately progress in the general curriculum and appropriately advance toward achieving the goals of his or her IEP. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Special Populations: Legislation, Litigation, and Advocacy Essay.
“Special Populations: Legislation, Litigation, and Advocacy Essay”, n.d.
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