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Students Help-Seeking during Physical Education - Essay Example

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The author of this essay entitled "Students Help-Seeking during Physical Education" analyzes the help-seeking tendencies of middle school students during their physical education classes. Reportedly, earning is perpetuated by various environmental factors…
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Students Help-Seeking during Physical Education
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Extract of sample "Students Help-Seeking during Physical Education"

Download file to see previous pages However, in the face of such difficulties, they will also tend to seek help from fellow students or teachers, and at some point look for other means in order to conquer these difficulties.
It is said that there is a positive link between the utilization of self-regulated strategies and a student’s academic performance. This claim was also supported by Alleven & Koedinger (2000) when they asserted that the ability to seek help capably has been proven to contribute to one’s learning and was correctly linked with better learning coupled with working.
However, it should be noted that the help-seeking behavior showed by the students is more often flawed than not. It is because of the fact that they tend to overuse it as much as underuse it. The thing is, the students frequently tend to avoid help when it is most necessary, while ironically they ask for more than is actually required when they decide to ask for help (Alleven & Koedinger, 2000). 
Compared to the studies of help-seeking in adolescents and younger students, such as the work of Nye, there have been relatively fewer studies of such which focused on college students. In line with that, there are questions about whether these studies regarding younger learners extend to higher education settings. Therefore, for this part of the paper, the author aims to look at the dynamics of help-seeking in college students rather than to focus on younger learners such as the approach made by Nye. 
In a study conducted by Karabenick & Knapp (1991), they aimed to investigate the help-seeking attitudes, goals and the preferred helping resources of college students in order to recognize the dynamics of help-seeking among college students in large classes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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