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The Bilingual Education Program: Indispensable and Necessary - Essay Example

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The title itself already provides a clear position of the author regarding bilingual education program. …
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The Bilingual Education Program: Indispensable and Necessary
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Extract of sample "The Bilingual Education Program: Indispensable and Necessary"

Mayra Linares EN 102 RVP A Revision Plan for the Research Argument En d: “The Bilingual Education Program: Indispensable and Necessary” PartI. Contextual and Structural Review
The argument revolves around a very important educational issue on whether the bilingual education program in the US be abolished or not, to which the paper clearly states that the program should not be abolished due to the reasons presented, backed-up by evidences or empirical data cited extensively. The title itself already provides a clear position of the author regarding bilingual education program. It claims that the program is indispensable and necessary, evidences to such claim are well-presented and well-chosen as they complement and reinforce each other. Further, the use of the literature clearly defining what bilingual means as used in the paper provides clear parameters within which the argument was limited, thereby preventing misleading statements or vague interpretation of matters.
Structurally, the argument follows a logical sequence of reasoning and presentation of evidences. Each study cited is reinforced or complemented by the rest, and each paragraph tackles a single topic or presents a single idea for clarity and comprehensibility.
The author’s approach is notably the presentation of the opposing view which is followed by the author’s researched counter-argument. This approach is reasonable and sensible since it counters the opposing view point by point, issue by issue. This is apparently the only logical approach to countering the opposing side, especially in an argumentative work.
Part II. Content Review
The strength of the argument lies on the strength of the evidences presented. The use of statistical data culled from credible sources has effectively established the magnitude or the reach of the issue – that it affects a large and continually growing number of population in the United States. Credible sources like the Congressional Research paper, university studies or scholarly journals, either refuting the opposing claims or positing a pro-bilingual claim, lend the much-needed credibility to the argument.
There are weaknesses to the argument, however. The use of Encyclopedia should have been avoided, even for definition of terms. Further, evidences to support the feasibility or the success of bilingual education in the US are a bit inadequate. Added to these, the conclusion is not a strong argument conclusion in that it weakly states that studies do not provide conclusions to the issue. This is a bad conclusion after a lengthy argument trying to prove a point.
Generally, however, the argument is logically presented, with a persuasive tone and with focus in that the audience does not get lost in the web of evidences presented. It is written in a tone that reaches out to its targeted audience.
Part III. Revision Plan
The argument will be revised as follows:
1. Substitute the encyclopedia source with a scholarly source in defining the terms.
2. Additional academic sources and case studies to prove the success of bilingual education in the US will be added. A minimum of three at least, to strengthen this part of the argument.
3. A very good conclusion will be made, shifting the tone to ultimately put the argument’s point across, but not necessarily concluding falsely on the issue. Read More
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The Bilingual Education Program: Indispensable and Necessary Essay.
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