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Where Do You See Yourself In 4 Years As An Elementary School Teacher - Essay Example

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An author of the essay "Where Do You See Yourself In 4 Years As An Elementary School Teacher?" discusses that that to nurture this gift is our responsibility and to help young minds realize this wonderful capacity to the fullest is the duty of a teacher…
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Where Do You See Yourself In 4 Years As An Elementary School Teacher
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"Where Do You See Yourself In 4 Years As An Elementary School Teacher"

Download file to see previous pages By learning I do not mean gaining in-depth knowledge of a subject or becoming a master in many fields. By this, I mean learning to understand the psyche of a rebellious 12-year-old or a shy first grader. Every student has his/her own special needs and a teacher is duty bound to identify those needs. Understanding young children do not happen through listening to lectures or analyzing books on child psychology. It can only be brought about by experience and patience while interacting on a one to one basis with the children you are working with. I intend to work towards building the confidence of my pupils, first of all in themselves, so they will always know that no goal is unreachable, and secondly in me so they will positively respond to my suggestions and advice. During my years as a student, I have always responded well to only those teachers who, apart from being excellent in their teaching, were also genuine. Many teachers undermine the perceptive powers of their students assuming that they can get away with just cursory replies to queries and in doing so unconsciously lose respect and faith of the children. Genuinely being interested and devoted to all of my students is my primary objective. In addition to earning their trust, I will also be able to easily make them pay heed to me. After all, it is easier to control a class with love than with a rod. A rod can indeed quite a noisy class but cannot make the minds attune to what is being taught. A holistic approach instead of a completely academic approach is required to reach out to the students, especially at such an impressionable age. Further, students at all levels have considerable attention deficit (not the syndrome) and at the elementary level more so. To keep them engaged throughout an entire period is quite a challenge in itself. In order to accomplish that I will put into practice a thoroughly interactive and imaginative approach. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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