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The writer of this essay discusses the choosing the math and science school. She is in middle school and her plans are to join Governor’s School for obtaining Math and Science courses. The writer analyses a chance to exhibit her knowledge and prowess with the related fields of her choice…
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Choosing an Alma Mater
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Choosing an Alma Mater
Being a 12 year old girl, I realize how significant education is towards my life and my career goals. I have envisioned myself to reach the top as I understand what my strengths are and how I can play upon the opportunities that come my way every now and then. Currently I am in middle school and my plans are to join Governor’s School for obtaining Math and Science courses, come this summer.
I believe that sports and education go hand in hand. I have loved to play the piano – it gives me relaxation and prepares me for the nuances of life in a head on manner. Tennis has always been my passion as I have followed the biggest names on clay and grass. It just seems to grow with each passing year as my fanaticism for the game has exponentially increased. Also I am quite fond of reading and simply get hold of anything that comes under my viewing measure.
It was only this year that I attained a scholarship of US$1000 from the MathmovesU Contest as well as a special grant of another US$1000 for my facilitation at the school with the Math program. My Math teacher is proud of my achievements and praises me on a consistent basis. Further, I stood at second place for Math in the whole state at John Hopkins University Youth Talent Search program and at ninth place in the International Future Problem Solving Competition. These are my laurels in the field of Math and these give me pride with each passing day.
As for my education, I have always loved Math and I believe this is one aspect of my educational journey that seems unconquered to date. There is so much to learn in this field that leaves me amazed with each passing day. Add to that I will represent my school this year at the MathCounts, a contest that draws the best amongst Math and I am sure I will live up to the expectations that my teachers have bestowed upon me. Not only Math, but I have also learned to enjoy Biology and Medicine – each of which I have special interest towards. It was only last year that I attended a summer camp at John Hopkins University and I got first hand experience of learning biology and it left me astonished as Biology offered so much within its hold.
However for the present, I have made my firm commitment that I will go to Governor’s School to learn Math and Science and thus acquaint myself with the right kind of education that I richly deserve. However this requires approval by the relevant authorities and I assure them that I will dedicate myself whole-heartedly towards studies and be a part of the top most students who get the best grades overall. In the end, I would request the people concerned to give yours truly a chance to exhibit my knowledge and prowess with the related fields of my choice. Read More
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