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An essay "College Application: Learning The Different Traits" reports that I have come to know life’s different attributes through the varied mechanisms which revolve us from all angles. Learning is one of the fundamental mottos which have literally ruled the roost of my life’s brigade…
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College Application: Learning The Different Traits
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College Application: Learning The Different Traits
Time waits for no one and I hold on to this belief with utmost faith and complete devotion. For this reason, I have always dedicated my free time towards learning the different traits that life brings in front of me. This provides me a chance to understand humanity, its different basis and all that encompasses the world around us. I have come to know life’s different attributes through the varied mechanisms which revolve us from all angles. Learning for me is one of the fundamental mottos which have literally ruled the roost of my life’s brigade.
My life has been the amalgamation of the statement made by 18th century French philosopher Denis Diderot who suggested that “Only pass passions can elevate the soul to great things.” This has had a meaningful influence on my life and has offered me a chance to explore life’s hidden beauties and the world is just a part of what I have come to know to date. I aim to discern whatever comes my way and this find the hidden trajectories that this world has within its fold. It would be wise and correct to state that finding more and more and learning to the maximum is indeed my dire passion and one that leaves no stone unturned in the midst of things which come my way. Denis was quite right at depicting my life in a nutshell; since he portrayed what I am passing through and more than that what my life basically comprises of at the end of the day.
For this reason, I endeavor to be a part of USC so that my expansion of knowledge does not come to a standstill and it continues on a never-ending journey – one that is filled with immense learning avenues and a sheer quest for attaining state of the art knowledge and incisive depth with respect to detail. The passage is indeed strenuous but I will make every possible effort to remain abreast with the changing technological advancements and I would be at par with the changing tides God willing. I have this innate feeling that I can pass the USC degree program with flying colors if only provided with an able opportunity to prove my mettle, my aptitude and my hidden prowess which I indeed possess within my fold. I will do everything possible and within my capacity as a student to prove my worth and my abilities and multitude skill set will prove me right all said and done.
In the end, I will request the helm of affairs to consider my application for admission at USC as this will further encourage my learning journey and provide me a chance to show what I am in essence made up of. I will keep on continuing my learning expedition and would not be let down by rejection though I would do everything possible to exhibit what I can bring back to this world with a USC degree in my hand. This without a doubt is my dream which will see the light of the day.
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