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Applying Constructivism and Objectivism Learning Theories in the Design of Educational Package Software - Essay Example

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This paper is an effort towards understanding theories of Objectivism and Constructivism for development of design of educational package software. These two theories are mutually different from each other in approach. These contribute in understanding the philosophy of learning and education…
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Applying Constructivism and Objectivism Learning Theories in the Design of Educational Package Software
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Extract of sample "Applying Constructivism and Objectivism Learning Theories in the Design of Educational Package Software"

Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that a student with no knowledge and background of computers may find the program useless as he does not have even the basic skills. Hence for that situation introductory sessions would be required to make students acquainted with the basic computers skills. The assessment process should be such that it adds on the experience of the learners and helps them in self analysis and improvement.
This paper makes a conclusion that technology on one hand has provided an effective means to learn and develop one’s skills. It requires proper introduction and facilitator, who can support the computer, based learning process. Objectivism and constructivism each has its own strengths and weaknesses and are mutually different from each other even in basic approach. Objectivism on one hand emphasizes on the realities existing in the society and focuses on the providing the same to the individuals to develop social reality and knowledge which is existing outside of learners mind. On the other hand constructivist believe that the knowledge and reality is constructed by the learners experience and do not exist outside the mind of learners. These are totally contrast approaches. But each of this approach can be useful in particular situation and conditions based on the learners learning needs. Each of the theory can be included for developing software educational program. The developers need to first know their target audience, their background educational requirements and objectives of the software educational program on the basis of which they can decide which ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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