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Rising Tuitions are Keeping Many Students Out of College - Essay Example

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The researcher of this essay discusses the issue of rising costs of college tuiton, that usually keeps lower income students from going to college. In addition, the researcher describes that financial aid grants cover less than before, leaving the balance to be covered by loans…
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Rising Tuitions are Keeping Many Students Out of College
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Extract of sample "Rising Tuitions are Keeping Many Students Out of College"

Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that while the rising costs of college tuition are due to a number of different factors, the result is that fewer think they can afford it, especially since degrees from non-prestige universities or less technical degrees are simply not valued as in the past. Grant used to cover far more than now, so more financial aid becomes debt. Even well informed students, who know their actual cost after scholarships may balk at incurring such high debt. It is a fact that tuition has far exceeded inflation and wages have not kept up for middle and low income families In light of the tremendous burden the debt load would become, many students will elect to get jobs and train as they go up the corporate ladder. Rising tuitions are definitely keeping more students out of college than ever before. In looking at the documented raises in tuition over the past twenty years, wages have not kept pace. This means the burden on the family will be proportionately higher. In addition, financial aid grants cover less than before, leaving the balance to be covered by loans. Some institutions perceive the extension of financial aid as an inducement to raise their tuition. In addition, the tuition is no longer carved in stone, as most universities offer scholarships to accepted students, thereby reducing the cost. To conclude, it is evident that the better quality they perceive the student, the higher the scholarship will be. This allows colleges to filter out some applicants in preference for others. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Rising Tuitions Are Keeping Many Students Out of College Essay.
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