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An open ended questionnaire with 10 items, requiring qualitative responses was prepared and emailed to 15 student respondents. This method of…
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State budget cuts influence on students
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Download file to see previous pages of education, factors that influence college choice, factors that contribute to college dropouts and students opinions on the effects of cuts in the state budget to education.
-Many of the respondents surveyed were in their third year of study (60%), while a significant 24% were in their third year of study with the remaining proportion covering freshmen students and second year students.
-The email response from the questionnaires indicated that the average cost of education, including tuition, room and board added up to $16,000 at least for all public state colleges while that of private colleges added up to $37,000
-Nearly 10 out of the 15 students interviewed responded relying on loans to assist them with college financing costs. Equally, a third of the respondents relied on part time jobs to help cater for college costs, that was often complemented by parent’s support with 11 out of 15 getting regular support from their parents. A similar number also relies on college scholarship and financial aid to clear their college bills.
-13 out 15 of all the participants interviewed reported being always concerned about having enough financial resources to utilize while still in college in providing for daily expenditures. Economizing was reported as a tradition employed for the college years, occasioned by tough economic times in the real world.
-In the age bracket of 18-25 sampled for this survey, many of the participants, 76% cited difficulties associated with money as the driving force for college drop out. Other issues as bad grades and peer influence also emerged as strong reasons for college drop out.
-Many of the college students surveyed reported feeling uncomfortable with borrowing to finance their education. This they say becomes unbearable as they are unable to pay the money borrowed within the appropriate period and as such loans accrue to longer periods of time attracting higher fines and interest rates that accrue.
-Despite high costs associated ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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