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Funding Sources For Action Research Project On At-Risk Children For Literacy In First Grade - Essay Example

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Children from poor economic backgrounds or those with reading disabilities, are considered at risk of failure in school as well as in social adjustment. Early intervention literacy programs to accelerate the development of reading and writing skills, are being practised all over the United States. …
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Funding Sources For Action Research Project On At-Risk Children For Literacy In First Grade
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Extract of sample "Funding Sources For Action Research Project On At-Risk Children For Literacy In First Grade"

LITERACY FUNDING SOURCES FOR ACTION RESEARCH PROJECT ON AT-RISK CHILDREN FOR LITERACY IN FIRST GRADE Children from poor economic backgrounds or those with reading disabilities, are considered at risk
of failure in school as well as in social adjustment. Early intervention literacy programs to accelerate
the development of reading and writing skills, are being practised all over the United States.
The Center for Reading Recovery and Literacy Collaborative of the Lesley University assists
lowest performing first-graders to improve their reading skills. For an averagre of 12 to 20 weeks,
children receive daily for 30 minutes, one-to-one lessons taught by a trained teacher. The children
develop effective reading and writing strategies so that they can continue to work independently, and
meet grade-level expectations. (Center for Reading Recovery Website).
FEDERAL FUNDS: Title 1, Part A: This program provides financial assistance through State
Education Agencies (SEAs) to Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and schools with large numbers
of poor children, to ensure that all children meet state academic achievement standards1. Some
federal grants are awarded to the LEAs directly by the United States Department of Education.
Title 1, Part B: Reading First: This is a focussed nation-wide effort to enable all children to become
successful early readers. Funds are dedicated for establishing high quality comprehensive reading
instruction in kindergarten through grade 3. Building on a solid foundation of research, reading
programs are developed to help the teachers, and to ensure accountability through ongoing valid and
reliable screening, diagnostic and classroom-based assessment. State Education Agency awards sub-
grants to Local Education Agencies on a competitive basis2.
In the Reading First initiative, participation is voluntary, no timeline is indicated and funding level
Is FY02- $900 million. States participating in Reading First have to submit Annual Reports and show
significant progress in the program.
ELVA KNIGHT RESEARCH GRANT: This grant provides up to U.S.$10,000 for research in
reading and literacy. Depending on funds available, as many as four grants may be awarded in any
given year. The project should be focused on research in reading or literacy. Any research method or
approach can be used, but the project should be completed within two years. Activities such as
developing new programs or instructional materials are not eligible for funding, except when they are
necessary procedures for conducting the research.

Each year, at least one grant is expected to be awarded to a researcher outside the United States and
Canada, and one grant to a teacher-initiated research project subject to it being of high quality. Non-
North Americans and classroom teachers are especially encouraged to apply. (International Reading
Association: Awards website).
THE SOUTHERN REGION EDUCATION BOARD Health and Human Services Commission
promotes Arkansas Reading Initiative which boosts literacy of primary school children. It focused on
training tutors for intensive one on one tutoring for at-risk first graders. The number one educational
goal in both the nation and the south is getting all children ready for school, a goal that includes
preparing schools and teachers to help all children succeed in and beyond the primary grades. In this
way, the number of children referred to special education and other expensive remedial services can be
minimized. The tutoring costs less than retaining children in first grade or providing traditional
remedial services as in earlier times3.
The National Health Department of Education offers the facility that any public school can enrol a
qualified person or persons to become a Reading Recovery Teacher(s) at no charge to the school,
district or teacher. The funding is intended to make Reading Recovery available to any public school
district that chooses to implement Reading Recovery.
Phonetic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, text, comprehension, and Motivation: focused
strategic instruction on these concepts help children to improve consistently and realize their true potential.
Center for Reading Recovery website:
International Reading Association: Awards: Elva Knight website: Read More
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