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Cancer and Funding - Research Paper Example

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Cancer, the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in an individual’s body and in certain instances referred to as malignant cells, has become of the greatest concerns in the current global society. Unlike previously when HIV Aids was the greatest feared condition, cancer has…
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Download file to see previous pages cancer’s condition, with which it kills its victims, many organizations have ventured into research to address various aspects pertaining to how it can be controlled. For the past one hundred years, the American Cancer Society has been at the forefront in addressing different issues pertaining to cancer, most especially, on how it can be transformed from being deadly to preventable. Based on this perspective, this paper analyzes the different aspects of cancer with regard to its research and funding.
Cancer has very diverse, complex, and least understood causes, and in the current situations in which lifestyles have changed significantly, more causes have actually been attributed to the changed lifestyles among many (Patlak and Sharyl 147). There are a number of elements considered to cause cancer including dietary factors, tobacco, environmental factors, exposure to certain elements such as radiation, and obesity among others. All these cause severe damage to cells in certain instances or even result into mutation of cells to cause cancer in other instances. Because a majority of cancer causes are elements that people interact with on choice, has is indeed preventable. This has been one of the reasons for which research has been established to address the different aspects on the causes and prevention of cancer. Some of the preventive measures against cancer include increased intake of fruits and vegetables in addition to whole grains, less consumption of refined foods, constant exercising, and little radiation exposure (Langwith 108).
Initially, cancer was considered as a condition for the rich but the current trend in which it knows no boundaries has raised concerns and increased the calls for research. The major areas that the research seeks to address include preventive measures and treatment procedures for those already affected. Considering the complexity of cancer in how it occurs, calls for detailed research in order to reach an all-inclusive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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