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Equity and Citizenship: Policy and Practice - Essay Example

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Education has to do with activities that impart knowledge or skill. The focus of this essay is on Citizenship and Consumer education. The aim is to establish a contrast between the two. The essay looks at key points involved in both levels of education and highlights important elements…
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Equity and Citizenship: Policy and Practice
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Download file to see previous pages This project stresses that there is some way to go before consumers are truly empowered as a force that are confident in themselves and have the ability to make informed and responsible decisions. There is still a lot of consumer education to do to provide consumers with the skills necessary to make the most appropriate consumer decisions for themselves, their families and the wider global community. Confident consumers evolve when they are adequately advised, informed and educated. Consumer education aims to protect the interests of consumers, promote an understanding of the systems and structures within the marketplace, and contribute to society as a whole by creating more active and informed citizens leading to a more even balance of power between the producer and the consumer.
This paper makes a conclusion that citizenship education enjoys a greater coverage than consumer education in schools. It is part of most school curriculums. Teachers and instructors interpret the citizenship curriculum in exciting and innovative ways. Citizenship education is a continual and lifelong process that aims to equip individuals with knowledge and skills to participate and affect their society as responsible citizens. Citizenship and consumer education have their differences in terms of context and priorities but they both basically perform educative and enlightenment functions by empowering the individuals of a nation with knowledge and skills for advancement. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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