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The Effectiveness of a First Aid at Work Class - Coursework Example

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From the paper "The Effectiveness of a First Aid at Work Class" it is clear that once the materials for the class are prepared and the information taught and evaluated, this does not end the class.  A review of the course must take place so that good and bad points may be recognized.  …
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The Effectiveness of a First Aid at Work Class
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Extract of sample "The Effectiveness of a First Aid at Work Class"

Download file to see previous pages Organization is very important to the success of any class.  Poor planning can lead to time delays, missed training, and even the cancellation of the course.  Prior to the class, a few measures were taken in its preparations. First, we looked at the core of our class and that is the information that is to be presented. The objectives are already established through the syllabus of the RFAW and FAW, so our focus will be to organize the structure of the delivery of the information as well as facilitating all the hands-on practical exercises. This organization was accomplished through the use of a session plan. The session plan outlined every aspect of what was to be done. It tells us what is to be taught, who is teaching it, location, special equipment, delivery method, start and end times. Once we are firm on what is to be taught, we must then decide on the delivery method and learning technique to be utilized. The progress of technology gives us many tools to use but we must choose these tools wisely because not all tools fit every situation. For this class, a PowerPoint presentation, handouts, and workbook were utilized. The PowerPoint presentation was used to help reinforce the lectures. This will help give the student a visual representation of what was being said. The workbook and handouts act more as a reference that the student can refer back to either during certain points of the class or at home. All of these tools will reinforce the lecture that was given. Careful thought went into the learning technique to be used. For this class, the students would be formed into groups because as stated by scholars before, ‘Groups are viewed as a powerful means of learning, which can be an environment in which people invent and explore symbolic structures for understanding the world, learning from each other; or they can encourage conformity, squander time and energy on ritual combat, revel in failure’. (Knights1993). This group will be formal, due to the fact that everyone who belongs to the group must arrive at the same conclusion.  This is why a collaborative learning strategy was taken because it provides students with simple tasks which are less structured, but can be related to their daily lives so that the practicality of the course is realized and maintained. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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