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Mathematics and Technology - Essay Example

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Potential benefits have been realized in Australian classrooms mostly by incorporating the use of technology, which has been a catalyst for pedagogical change in many cases. …
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Mathematics and Technology
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Download file to see previous pages Following adoption of technology in the classrooms, the curriculum has changed learning experiences, rigor with suitable emphasis on process. Similarly, technology has played a key role in enhancing the delivery of learning activities and improved the understanding capabilities of the students. In the unforgiving competition within the global economy, the need to develop new strategies to keep up with the market is certain. Such strategies include the understanding and application of new technologies in most fields with the nation’s economy. This is more so in the education sector to aid in improvement of skills with regard to mathematics and science. Incorporation of technology within educational institutions has seen a dramatic change of perception and increased level of innovation to the benefit of the students (Nguyen, Hsieh and Donald 2006, p.252). In this regard, technology has found a home in classrooms where active educators use it as a means of improving their presentation of concepts. The use of modern flash animations and videos as learning tools to illustrate concepts in various subjects, which is facilitated by use of unique software and projectors. Computers in education engage students making the learning more powerful and relatively easy to follow through simulated computations of scientific and mathematical problems. Laptops among students assist in delivery of assignments and reading materials. The application of technology in teaching mathematics demands new interpretations of the instructional process, with those who embrace it undergoing vigorous evaluation in a bid to keep up its evolution. A key feature of mathematics is in its use of physical and intellectual tools. The use of technology during the learning process has its application limited by the user’s imagination. Its generic nature leaves room for improvement in its application especially in mathematics. Mathematical activities that involve the application of computer technology include communication, mathematical modeling, manipulation of numbers, symbols and shapes, and investigation of patterns and problems. Calculators and Mathematics A learning environment enriched by technology should be characterized by collaborative and investigative approaches to learning, which increases content integration across the curriculum. In this regard, subjects being taught in a classroom are applied before the end of the day. This plays a critical role in the development of the learning basic concepts, which in turn facilitate understanding. The use of technology such as computers and calculators during mathematics lessons has seen an increase in efficiency especially in the delivery of content by teachers. The use of calculators in Australian schools received wide endorsements from the education system as it was seen as a new way of enhancing learning. Its endorsement has seen the development of significant technologies complement the use of calculators. One of the key benefits for the use of calculators in mathematics classes is the improvement of conceptual understanding and visualization of mathematical concepts. A mathematics class incorporating calculators in their coursework tend to have an improved sense of grasping concepts as there are taught to them. Moreover, efficiency is enhanced as students move along the coursework with much easy. The use of calculators and other technologies within a mathematics course improve the procedural skills and knowledge in a student. This is as evidenced in studies conducted to examine the benefits of technology in classrooms. Therefore, in order to achieve successful application in the classroom, technology is based on a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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