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How Can We Fix K-12 Education - Essay Example

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K-12 education is a fully accredited, online schooling system that liberates students from bullying, rigid schedules, lessons that move too slow or too fast, and other issues that limit success. Combining K-12 education with outstanding teachers, a remarkable support team…
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How Can We Fix K-12 Education
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"How Can We Fix K-12 Education"

Download file to see previous pages Darwinian evolution advocates for evolution of current creatures from simple organisms million of years ago. Scholars argue that, teaching of creationism discourages students from applying scientific knowledge learned in class. Furthermore, the students are unable to conduct experiments, come up with logical results and make conclusions on experiments (National Academy Press 17).
Another challenge is the inability to embrace new technology. This denies the system the ability to use new ideas effectively. This problem is caused by failure to recruit and retain qualified teachers (National Academy Press 21).
Another challenge is legitimizing K-12 education. Regardless of the effort by environmentalists on the importance of K-12 education as means of conserving the environment, the government has not legitimized K-12 education or made it part of the curricula within public schools. The government has failed to adhere to warnings that make learning convenient and effective. Lastly, the system does not get any funding from the government leading to seclusion of public schools from K-12 education. It is regrettable that only children from affluent families can learn using K-12 education system (National Academy Press 57).
Despite all the challenges experienced by K-12 education system, scholars argue that there are some positive efforts. Consequently, K-12 education should be accessible to students. The concerned stakeholders should train and recruit qualified teachers. Tutoring program found at Haas Center for Public Service, Stanford Teacher Education Program and the Teach for America program should be used for training any members that would like to learn more about K-12 education system (National Academy Press 69).
K-12 education system should have specific teachers who can be able to guide students on-line as they learn. Teachers who are responsible for K-12 education ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Can We Fix K-12 Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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