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Fundatn Stage Currculum - Essay Example

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The nature f the prmary schl currculum and the clmate n whch schls functn changed qute dramatcally fllwng the passng f the Educatn Refrm Act n 1988. Nt nly was the Natnal Currculum ntrduced by ths Act but schls became much mre publcly accuntable fr ther actns and fr the ways n whch they have deplyed the resurces made avalable t them; fr example, the gvernng bdy f a schl and the parents f the pupls attendng that schl were gven ncreased rghts and respnsbltes regardng the currculum…
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Fundatn Stage Currculum
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Extract of sample "Fundatn Stage Currculum"

Download file to see previous pages wll further dscuss the ssues cncernng the Fundatn Stage n educatn whch are the ssues f prmary currculum where the chldren f 4-6 years ld are educated.
The fundatn stage was ntrduced as a dstnct phase f educatn fr chldren aged 3-5 n September 2000. n preparatn, Currculum gudance fr the fundatn stage was dstrbuted n May 2000 t all schls wth nursery and receptn classes, and t early years settngs recevng nursery educatn grant fundng. Ths gudance sets ut sx areas f learnng whch frm the bass f the fundatn stage currculum. These areas are:
The sx areas f learnng cverng chldren's physcal, ntellectual, emtnal and scal develpment were gruped nt 13 categres. They shwed gaps f 12 r 13 percentage pnts between grls and bys n the persnal, scal and emtnal develpment categres, and a 12-pnt dfference n ther wrtng ablty. Each area f learnng has a set f related early learnng gals. Currculum gudance fr the fundatn stage s ntended t help practtners plan t meet the dverse needs f all chldren s that mst wll acheve and sme, where apprprate, wll g beynd the early learnng gals by the end f the fundatn stage.
The Educatn Act 2002 extended the Natnal Currculum t nclude the fundatn stage. The sx areas f learnng became statutry, and the Act als specfed that there shuld be early learnng gals fr each f the areas. A natnal cnsultatn n the cntent f the early learnng gals as set ut n Currculum gudance fr the fundatn stage was carred ut n autumn 2002. Fllwng ths cnsultatn the early learnng gals, and use f the Currculum gudance as a gude, became statutry n March 2002.
The data, based n receptn class teachers' assessments f fur and fve-year-lds n 2003, was publshed at the end f June 2004 by the Department fr Educatn and Sklls. t shwed that grls were ahead f bys verall, n that grls were ether meetng r wrkng beynd the Early Learnng Gals, whle mre bys were wrkng twards the gals.
The Act als establshed a sngle natnal assessment system fr the fundatn stage, replacng baselne assessment schemes. The Fundatn stage prfle was ntrduced nt schls and settngs n 2002-3. TheFundatn stage prflehas 13 summary scales cverng the sx areas f learnng, whch need t be cmpleted fr each chld recevng gvernment-funded educatn by the end f hs r her tme n the fundatn stage.
Legslatn relatng t the currculum and assessment n the fundatn stage s set ut n the fllwng Statutry nstruments, bth f whch are avalable frm HMS:
The Educatn (Natnal Currculum) (Fundatn Stage Early Learnng Gals) (England) rder 2003 (Statutry nstrument 2003 N.391)
The Educatn (Natnal Currculum) (Fundatn Stage Prfle Assessment Arrangements) (England) rder 2003 (Statutry nstrument 2003 N.1327)
The fundatn stage s the frst part f the Natnal Currculum, fcusng n the dstnct needs f chldren aged three t the end f the receptn year (age fve). The fundatn stage s delvered n a range f settngs ncludng pre-schl grups, early years centres, nursery and receptn classes. Early years settngs n recept f ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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