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Education Systems - Essay Example

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In general, the availability of trained teachers and financial resources prove to be of crucial importance for the education sector. Underlining the importance of education in social sector United Nations has set 'primary school education for all children by 2015' as one of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)…
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Education Systems
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Download file to see previous pages But over the years, it seems the geo-political circumstances have taken its toll on the education sector in Ethiopia. A study carried out UNICEF points out that the net primary schools enrollment for male students in Ethiopia during the period 2000-2007 was around 74 percent, while for females this percentage was 69 percent. The study indicates that the enthusiasm shown by parents could not be sustained for long, as the net secondary school enrollment percentage drops down to 29 percent while for female students this figures comes down to just 19 percent (UNICEF, 2008). This indicates towards a fundamental issue of sustaining the interest of the masses in sending their kids for higher education. This indicates towards a need for allocation of still better resources towards the education sector in the country. Amongst other things, the political climate and the war like situation with bordering Eritrea is also responsible for eating into the resources of the country and thus resulting into the adverse humanitarian situation prevailing in the country. International agencies like UNICEF have indeed done commendable work for addressing the needs of general population. For example, the international agency has earmarked US$3,800,000 for the education sector in Ethiopia for the current year (UNICEF, 2009).
Ghana, an integral component o...
International agencies like UNICEF have indeed done commendable work for addressing the needs of general population. For example, the international agency has earmarked US$3,800,000 for the education sector in Ethiopia for the current year (UNICEF, 2009).
Ghana, an integral component of the Gold Coast, is historically known for its rich resources. But, over the years situation has changed to a great extent. In the 1950's it was known as a country with highest level of education in the entire Sub-Saharan Africa2. But the latest statistics point out that the dropout rate of youth while migrating from primary to secondary schools is substantially higher. The UNICEF statistics3 point out that during the period 2000-2007 the enrollment of male in primary schools was 73 percent and for females this figure was 71. But this figure sharply drops down to 47 percent and 43 percent respectively as the students march towards secondary schools education. Despite having a tuition free and mandatory primary and junior secondary school education in Ghana the enrollment in schools can certainly not be termed as satisfactory. Ghana has made a constitutional provision under article 39, which mandates the tenets of free, compulsory, universal basic education (FCUBE) initiative4. Ghana has been getting international attention as well in support of the forward looking policies of the government. Aid from international organizations and foreign governments is helping Ghana in strengthening its educational system.
Availability of resources certainly impacts the shaping of the overall picture of educational system. Ethiopia and Ghana are not the one's having best of resources but the respective governments need to accord more priority to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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