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Managment ourse Feedback - Essay Example

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The author tells about what he learned at the course such as the major and the most significant findings included the development of an organization in total, the phase of identifying organizations basic survival needs, these included the significance of management Change.   …
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Managment ourse Feedback
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Extract of sample "Managment ourse Feedback"

The major and the most significant findings included the development of an organization in total, we went through the phase of identifying an organizations basic survival needs .these included the significance of management Change. We learnt during this phase how, at a very early stage all through the change, it is crucial to make out as well as understand how organizations actually start getting signals in terms of a wakeup call, what they stand for, moreover what should then be the leaders reaction to these kind of calls. How they need to alter their leadership approaches also to successfully implement or otherwise execute the change. The leadership style of these leaders actually influences the way the interpret these awakening.
We learnt that it is only if the leaders at all altitudes of the process are attentive as well as open towards the reality of culture change, that they will be able to deal with these kind of early on signals. The altered line of attack that the leaders ultimately outline will be determined by their profundity of making an allowance for the wake up calls. This was the leading example of reality during the change attempt; it can suggest the dissimilarity amongst an instantaneous, external alteration all along with the one that is careful, stubborn, and philosophical for one and all apprehensive. Next we learnt that there is dire need for leaders to be extremely rational with reference of being able to create motivation amongst the team members. We learnt the various leadership styles and their consequent affects on the individual and the overall organizational development. How imperative it is to create team cohesion, and motivation, in order to be able to put together a winning team at work was also one of the most important learning. Our professor was very descriptive while teaching us these significant concepts.
The course was designed in a manner that it would help us students learn , to identify, scrutinize as well as appreciate change within the industrial environments that are permanent, more or less thoughtful changeover. This course helped me develop a hypothetical foundation for perceiving alteration within the organizational circumstances; along with, how to put into effect the alteration analysis techniques during a real life observance.
This course also most importantly helped me learn how to understand people that have different mind sets and different viewpoints then your won, regarding particular matter. How perceptions and certain personality traits also influence the overall organizational performance were a part of the learning process. This has developed me personally also on the lines of being a competent future leader and manager. How the managers and equally the leaders of today need to have qualities of both was over shined during the entire course, with either of the two, becoming a successful leader or manager seems impossible now. The professor was kind enough to make the course so much closer to reality, by the use of interactive case studies, that I now think I can easily handle new developing situations on job. This was specifically surprising because, I initially did not contemplate that this course would help me develop this much by the end of it. Read More
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(Managment Ourse Feedback Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Managment Ourse Feedback Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Managment Ourse Feedback Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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