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Children's Reading Behavior - Essay Example

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Reading is one of the most important things that a child should learn as the rest of his studies and the success of his career depends on this. Mostly children in nursery schools enjoy reading in class, however as they grow up their interest in books starts to taper off…
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Childrens Reading Behavior
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"Children's Reading Behavior"

Download file to see previous pages Some of these things are discussed here. Certain characteristics of a good reader are also identified. The role of a teacher is more important in teaching a child any language skill than that of a parent. Hence some guidelines of how to become a good teacher are also mentioned. The main idea is to inculcate a good reading habit in our younger generation which will help them in future.
Reading is one of the basic skills that children must acquire at an early age. Not being able to read in present times is a great handicap. Some children are natural readers and have the ability to start reading at the early age of 3, whereas others need a push. Natural readers are not to be confused as born readers. They do not just wake up one morning and start reading. They go through a developmental process in which parents and teachers play a vital role.
Children of this age are given a favorable environment in which they are encouraged to participate in educational activities such as reading. A teacher is specially trained to help guide the children in learning to like reading whereas a home environment cannot always do this. A colorful classroom, vocabulary and letter charts on the wall, objects beginning with the same letter placed together, and more similar settings will surely encourage a child to learn more eagerly. This environment is difficult to provide at home.
Nursery student's specially enjoys reading nursery rhymes. ...
assroom, vocabulary and letter charts on the wall, objects beginning with the same letter placed together, and more similar settings will surely encourage a child to learn more eagerly. This environment is difficult to provide at home.
Nursery student's specially enjoys reading nursery rhymes. I believe that is because they have a certain tune which is easy for the young minds to memorize and the lyrics also make up an interesting tale about a character that appeals to them .It has been seen from experience that reading rhymes to this age group is one of the best ways to promote reading habits. Children will love to pick up a nursery rhyme book for reading. Parents can contribute to this easily since the rhymes being taught at school re still the same ones that were taught in their times and I am sure parents still remember them I sure do!
Children of this age enjoy being read to. It has been my personal experience that at the story telling time when children gather around the teacher to listen to a story being told, they are most focused. They love to make guesses about what is going to happen next. I think that is the correct time to encourage a child to read further by himself in order to find out how the story progresses.
Moreover, I believe that phonics has also made reading easier and interesting. Previously, when this practice wasn't followed, a child had to be told repeatedly and also had to memorize which letter made which sound. Phonics has made that simple. Now it is easy for a child to associate a sound with a letter thus making it comparatively simpler to form words and read them.
Some children also enjoy reading at this age as they are provided encouragement from home. Parents who read aloud to their children for at least 30 mins a day are more likely to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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