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British Education System - Case Study Example

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British Education System has been developing consistently. More people are selecting universities in Britain to pursue their education. There are various factors that students consider before selecting a course and the university. Though universities in Britain follow a specific procedure and separate strategies, there are some drawbacks…
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British Education System
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The curriculum followed in the British universities is either national curriculum or hidden curriculum. Most of the university does not follow the national curriculum. Instead they prefer the hidden curriculum, which they design according to their wish. They do not consult the other universities and decide on preparing own curriculum. In some colleges, hidden curriculum works out not too well. This is an important issue because the pattern of study entirely changes from one university to another university. This posses some sort of difficulty to the students. It is better to maintain a single curriculum throughout the state. It will be an advantage to the students instead of having separate curriculum for individual colleges. (Woods 1996).Hidden curriculum does not cater the needs of all groups of students. Instead it concentrates only on a particular sector of students. The difference may be based on ethnicity, race or the status of the student.
A curriculum should be common to all the students. It should be unbiased. But in the existing British Education system there is a lot of difference among the class of people. Each of them is treated differently. Education is common to all and hence the universities must follow the same procedure. The national curriculum will work out effectively as the students of all the universities will follow the same syllabus. Hidden curriculum will lead to certain problems among the students. As it is not common to all, each of them will have a difficulty in learning it.(Davies 2000). Another problem in hidden curriculum is, the teaching will be different for each group of students, as the curriculum is different. This needs more number of teachers to be trained in specific subjects. This will enhance the teacher student relationship as only a minimal number of students will be assigned to a particular teacher. One advantage is there will be individual attention for all the students.
The value of education is more and it is the basic defining criteria for any curriculum. Hidden curriculum is mainly followed in schools and they are based on the type of school. National curriculum should be enforced by the government and this will avoid the unnecessary problems between the universities. Primary and middle level education does not face much of a problem. (Lempp, Seale 2004).But the problem starts in Higher education. As the schools are separately maintained for each type of curriculum, there is no problem for the students in selecting the course and type of school they prefer. Once a child finishes schooling and starts his higher education, the situation becomes different. Universities do not concentrate much on the student's selection. They specify the courses and curriculum available and it depends on the student to select whatever they wish. In some states there is difference of status and schools and colleges are decided based on their students.
Some schools that are under the control of government follow a different strategy when compared to the private institutions. There are institutions that provide education to students who cannot afford to pay their fees. These institutions are run by the government. Private educational institutions provide education ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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