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Further Education in UK - Essay Example

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Most of the UK Universities and Colleges imparting the higher education and recruiting the students in age group 1-19, they get funding from the Learning and Skills Council. In January 2003 the government set out its case for reform and identified short- and long-term actions to be taken to transform the 14-19 phase in its policy document 14-19: opportunity and excellence…
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Further Education in UK
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Download file to see previous pages Some FECs are funded directly; others receive money indirectly through a franchise agreement with a higher education institution, or as part of a consortium. Contact details and links to further information on FECs providing HE courses are available through the HERO web-site. The following list gives the 135 FECs that we are funding directly I am proud that my first White Paper as Secretary of State should be on the issue of education for our 14 to 19 year old.(
The reforms set out for further education are very much important. They are vital to UK economy equipping young people with the skills employers' need and the ability to go on learning throughout their lives. Reforms are vital for social justice giving us the chance to give break through the historic link between social back ground, educational achievement and life chances that have determined UK citizens as a nation. And most of all these are vital to each and every individual young person, whatever the needs of the young people or whatever they want to be. Young teenagers are tomorrow's leaders, entrepreneurs, parent and community servants, so we should take a special care for the children in the age group of 14 to 19; it is the age period when one needs guidance and help for selecting one's career. Build a system of 14 to 19 education that will do just that. A system that we can be proud of. And one that gives every young person the opportunities they need and deserve.
Every child and every teenager has equal worth. We owe it to them to give them the chance to show what they can do, to make the most of their talents, to reach their potential. And the key to doing that is to design a system around them based on high standards, on choice and on meeting individuals' needs and aspirations. To deliver that system will take determination. It will take commitment. It will take the hard work of teachers, lecturers, other education professionals, employers, parents and all who work in or with our schools and colleges. It will require breaking down the artificial barriers between academic and vocational education. It will mean building on all that is good in our system and reforming what is not working. Building from the excellent work of Sir Mike Tomlinson and his Working Group on 14-19 Reform and from the work of the successful school and college partnerships we are already seeing in local communities. It charts a 10-year reform programme and the milestones needed to achieve it. But more than those details and those milestones, it sets out a vision of what we want for children and teenagers what we want them to learn, the skills we want them to acquire, but above all the values we want them to have. The purpose of the education system is to help each and every individual reach their potential. ( /pdfs/14-19WhitePaper.pdf)
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