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Education System in UK: Issues and Inequalities - Essay Example

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The paper aims at addressing all the aspects of inequalities in the UK educational system in detail. Starting off with the gender inequalities being propelled by the educational system, the statistics in this regard are striking as mentioned above…
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Education System in UK: Issues and Inequalities
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Download file to see previous pages According to the recent reports, the boys usually lag behind the girls in reasoning and logic, and with time they also find themselves stuck with their social as well as the emotional development. For this reason, at the age of five, 53% of the boys qualify for the average writing standards, however, the ratio for girls have been found to cross 70% (Attewell 2010). This poses various long term threats for the future of education for the boys as they even score low on their GSCE score which is deterrence in their way for acquiring university education. For instance, neat handwriting is considered to be a standard for success in the schools, and the girls are usually better off when it comes to writing. Similarly, the behavioral attitudes of the girls are also more controlled as compared to the boys. For instance, the girls can sit still for longer periods of time as compared to boys, and when an instructor judges you over this standard girls will qualify and most of the boys don`t. Thus, the yardsticks for measuring success for students should be transformed and designed in such a way that the bias must be eliminated.
A report published in Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) this year reveals striking accounts of bullying at schools in the UK. Evidence of bullying around campus, in classrooms, lobbies, even playgrounds have been reported. According to the statistics, between 2004 to 2003, about two-thirds of the students have claimed that they have been bullied at some point during their school years. This percentage is further found to be risen if the children were suffering from any kind of a disorder (Great Britain Dept. 2004). This research has even indicated various accounts of homophobic bullying as well as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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