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The educational system in Japan and UK have contrasting styles of operation. …
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Comparison of Education systems in Japan and UK
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Comparison of Education systems in Japan and UK Introduction Similarities & Contradictions The educational system in Japan and UK have contrasting styles of operation. In UK the education system is planned to have four different stages like primary education, secondary education, further education and higher education. The primary school stage is from 5 years to 11 years of age and the secondary education is planned for those from 12 to 16 years (UK Educational System). Japanese systems too is divided on similar principles. Here, it is planned to have six years of elementary education, three years of junior high school followed by 3 years of senior high school and four years of University education (Abe).
In UK, every stage is properly assessed and only those turn meritorious are considered eligible for next level of education. The most important among them is the GCSE examination conducted at the time of 16 years of age. The grade obtained in this examination would be the most critical parameter for the next stage of studies. Students have the freedom to finish their studies at any stage and go for work of their choice (UK Educational System).The most impressive part in the Japanese system is the high enrollment rates in all segments. Even the non compulsory part of high school education have witnessed an enrollment rate of over 96 percent with very low drop out rates , about 2 percent. And also, nearly 50 percent of this population registers to junior or university education programmes (Abe). Thus making its population highly qualified is one of the important mandates of governance in Japan.
The system is able to give Japan the world’s best educated population. Also the education systems controls individual responsibility and enforces a group behavior among them. The UK educational systems is setting its goal on promoting its system on a global scale. Hence it is being designed with the objective to cater to global pool of student population rather than an specific regional need.
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