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Reflection on Miscue Analysis and Retrospective Miscue Analysis and Assessment and Evaluation of Reading and Writing Courses - Essay Example

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The author tells about the courses "assessment and evaluation of reading and writing" and "miscue analysis and retrospective miscue analysis" which helped to understand the importance of documentation and interpretation of data. The paper also contains a reflection of the biographic profile. …
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Reflection on Miscue Analysis and Retrospective Miscue Analysis and Assessment and Evaluation of Reading and Writing Courses
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Extract of sample "Reflection on Miscue Analysis and Retrospective Miscue Analysis and Assessment and Evaluation of Reading and Writing Courses"

Download file to see previous pages Learning about the different forms of assessments have affected both my teaching and my learning drastically. Instead of looking for errors, I learned to always focus on my student's strengths when assessing his/her reading and writing as it helps determine their week points and point where evaluation or support is required.
The course has provided different learning opportunities to support this development. Being that reading and writing are language and thinking processes, LYST 240 has shown the importance for me as a teacher to have patience while I document change and assess the literacy growth of our students. Patience is important as it takes quite some time to develop a child through language and literacy process.
I need to give my students time to adjust to ideas, experiment with them, explore with them, take risks, make mistakes, solve reading and writing problems, and make discoveries. LYST 240 has guided and encouraged me to critically examine the constructs of assessments and evaluation in terms of social contexts. I have two resources that I consider critical for my learning in this course. First, is Denny Taylor's Learning Denied (date). This book has helped me to really think about the ramifications of testing practices, their effects on the students and labeling them. The second is in the LYST 200a. Our students, like the apprentice wood crafters, spend most of their days with us. They are watching and carving and learning from our examples. The priests are like the teachers and school administrators who carry out the testing.
LYST 240 has given me the opportunity to articulate my ideas and understandings, uncover assumptions and negotiate with others in class both in small and whole group discussions, which were both engaging and challenging. Okay, there's a lot in this sentence that needs to be developed. What are your ideas and understandings about assessment and evaluation What assumptions did you uncover And I want to know how the discussions were both engaging and challenging.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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