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My Joining the Executive MBA - Admission/Application Essay Example

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  The writer of this essay discusses company entrance in the Executive MBA which will offer him an opportunity to link all fields of expertise together and to reach a better understanding of the firm as a whole which will ultimately lead to growth inside the business. …
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My Joining the Executive MBA
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Download file to see previous pages I am currently working as a Group Assistant Manager within my family business - an artificial flower manufacturer in China with 2000 employees - and my areas of work are Accounting and Production Operations. I've been working for this company for the last six years where I was able to prove my ability to adapt to several working environments. I first worked within the Sales department, I conducted the project to computerize the entire factory, I reorganized the accounting department, the purchasing department, and the warehouse management operations. As the company grew, we needed to update the computer system, the project that I am conducting currently.
Today, I account with more than three years of business experience in the areas of accounting, office operations and financial advising. I have developed a strong sense of self-motivation, interpersonal and communication skills.  
My main achievements were: to successfully direct projects within my current company, which in case they went wrong would have compromised thousands of jobs; to have completely adapted to a very different working environment after moving to China from Canada; and finally to have received the 1999 Honor Club Award when I was a financial security planning officer in Montreal. This last accomplishment was a true honor because we were only two employees to receive this award within the Montreal Office of RBC Investments Services Limited which consisted of reaching $2 million in sales credit.
2. Career objectives
I believe that my main motivation to perceive graduate education is to develop my knowledge in my field of work as much as in other fields in order to make my business grow. The entire range of abilities that I have today was gained by working on the field. I certainly don't disregard this type of knowledge but I truly feel that receiving a complete education on the true issues of all a production process will not only help me gain in efficiency but will also help my family business develop.
Also, by starting a graduate education, I will enlarge my professional network and I consider it would also be an important opportunity for my company and I believe that not only an Executive MBA will bring me a higher level of education but it will also be the perfect place for me to find future business partners. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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