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Classroom Observation - Essay Example

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An essay "Classroom Observation" reports that these observations lead me to realize that while all children may go through the same stages, they are visible to very different extents.  For most of the children, several different theories could be applied to their behaviors…
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Classroom Observation
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Extract of sample "Classroom Observation"

Download file to see previous pages While Anthony does not seem to show academic delay, his behavior is indicative of nonsocial activity, suggesting that he is either very shy, or unsure of himself in a social setting. His lack of interaction indicates that either he is particularly in tune with a certain task, or has been rejected by the peer groups in his classroom, which leave him particularly subject to ridicule. During the observation, he seemed to actively avoid participating in group activities, remaining alone. John Watson suggests that children are easy conditioned to certain behaviors (Berk 18). Because Anthony has been rejected by his peer group, it is plausible that he has learned that his attempts to be a part of the group will only draw ridicule, teaching him to remain alone. I found this particular child very frustrating, since, in spite of any efforts, he refused to work with his peers. Conner, on the other hand, is very much a part of the social group in the classroom. He is friendly and polite; he follows classroom rules, and is a very hard worker. He seems very well adjusted to the classroom setting, and is comfortable interacting with his peers as both a member of a group and as a leader. Conner listens carefully to the teacher, and mimics what she does exactly. Conner seems both happy, and at home with the responsibilities of the classroom. Because Conner works so hard to imitate the teacher, and to follow directions carefully, he appears to be a model for social learning theory (Berk 18). Every time he imitates the teacher, or does what he is asked, he is rewarded for the behavior with praise. He has therefore learned that doing as told in the classroom will bring positive outcomes, which he desires. I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to have an entire classroom of Conners! He was so hardworking and well mannered; it made the class environment much more pleasant. Dhruv, another child in the class, was a very different matter. He was uninterested in being involved in the classroom, and refused to do his assignments. During table work activities, he chose to daydream, or draw pictures, instead of doing his work. His unwillingness to work made it difficult for the teacher, and for the students around him to concentrate. Dhruv, beyond showing a lack of interest in the classroom, appears uncomfortable with his surroundings. Vygotsky suggests that children learn similarly to how Piaget suggested, with an emphasis on the social interaction, and receiving tasks of increasing difficulties from their peers (Berk 26). Because Dhruv seems secluded from his peers and has difficulty with language, it is likely that he has not been presented with enough challenges to prepare him for the classroom situation. This lack of interest is frustrating for both himself and for his teacher, and I worry about his future in academics. Eric is a different subject altogether. His behavior in the classroom is completely unacceptable. He talks loudly and interrupts others during conversations and instructions. He sleeps during class, and refuses to follow classroom rules. He is mean to the other children and does not understand social conventions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Classroom Observation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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