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Self-confidence - Essay Example

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Self-confidence is a topic in psychology, which has been practically neglected in recent years and only now is beginning to find a reputable place in psychological discussions. Speculations with regard to the soul and the confidence have always been of interest to philosophers and to religious leaders…
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Extract of sample "Self-confidence"

RUNNIG HEAD: SELF CONFIDENCE Self Confidence of Institute] Self Confidence Introduction Self-confidence isa topic in psychology, which has been practically neglected in recent years and only now is beginning to find a reputable place in psychological discussions. Speculations with regard to the soul and the confidence have always been of interest to philosophers and to religious leaders. As psychology freed itself from the shackles of its philosophic origins and attempted to meet the demands of scientific method, it first gave attention to some of the elements of behavior, such as sensory perception, reaction time, and the like. Because so much of the groundwork is now laid, the time seems ripe for psychologists to devote attention to larger wholes.
Self-feelings may be either active or passive. On the one hand, one may have a feeling or attitude of self-assertion, of confidence, of being in control of the situation, of directing oneself forward in a purposeful activity. On the other hand, one may have the feeling of being the victim of circumstances, of being helpless and dependent, and of having things happen to one's self over which one does not have much control. Normal living is a combination of these dual feelings of self-direction and helplessness.
Example 1
For this student who is transferred from a self contained class for emotionally disturbed children needs some time to get settled in a class of normal students. This change in the beginning would effect his self confidence as in the new class there would be good interaction between students. Secondly these students would be sharper and sometimes more intelligent from the students in the previous class.
The methods I will use are the Self Esteem Therapies in which I will try to find out how the student's self-esteem was destroyed and what were the factors present which refrained him to develop his socialization process. After getting this integral information I will try to curb down all these factors affecting his self-confidence building. "A future orientation is essential to successful therapy; it is the basis for the development of good self-esteem, which is achieved through the successful playing out of one's striving for superiority". (Evertson, Emmer, 2003)
While research has supported the importance of classroom management as a necessary condition for effective teaching, studies, which have sought to train teachers in principles of effective classroom management derived from research, are rare (Emmer, Evertson, 2001)
Example 2
For a student who has spent a long holiday and is coming back to school missing lot of his academic coursework would feel himself lagging behind other students. He will feel ashamed on questions he couldn't answer unlike other students of his class. This student needs to good support from his teachers or he would fail to cope up with the class. The role that classroom observation could play in encouraging teachers to practice and perform the desired behaviors need to be emphasized. (Gootman, 2001) Classroom management theory is the particular theory that fits in this kind of dilemma. (Emmer, Worsham, 2003) Secondly workshops and extra hours of coaching should be done for this student so that he could easily cope up with the class curriculum.
The successfully functioning ego leads to self-confidence, self-assurance, and self-reliance. These qualities are the result of having the ability to meet the demands in time and place as defined by others. When one can function adequately so as to meet the approval of others, then he gains self-esteem and self-confidence.
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Self-Confidence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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