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The Biggest Responsibility for the Molding of the Childs Education - Essay Example

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This essay will provide thorough elucidation on the need to curve the educational course of early childhood children in answer to their nature. By cultivating this nature, it will be a straightforward, effortless sail to the educational goal established at the beginning of the school term…
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The Biggest Responsibility for the Molding of the Childs Education
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Download file to see previous pages As much as spontaneous learning is encouraged in preschool, there should a set of learning priorities to be followed. It is important that learning is well planned, suited for the age and physical development of the child, as well as the physical set up of the school. Each school varies in physical and temporal setups, learning goals, resources, and many others; it is vital to program activities around available resources (but not limited to), weather conditions, environment, people and routines. These factors are adjusted to suit the individual and communal needs of the learners to achieve the ultimate goal set by the school. (Zaslow,1991) “Children in the well-run program acquire a wide range of social skills and become more competent as a result of their frequent interactions with other children.” When planning a curriculum, there are many things to consider. Carefully think about the following elements when planning: Age appropriateness. Consider the ages of the students involved in the program and organize activities suited to their developmental growth. Individual appropriateness. Children, though of the same age level has different developmental speed or ability. One can distinguish a symbol faster than the other; consider the individual differences and plan activities wherein all children can participate. Family and Culture. Plan activities with respect to individual family and cultures. Do not discriminate, alienate or make fun of differences. Transition periods. Transitions are times that occur between activities; a good maneuvering technique should be developed in order to maximize the transition period. Teacher values. What the teacher believes in is also an integral part of the curriculum. What are her interests, personal philosophies, and values? Should it interfere in the class, or is it an avenue for fortified learning? There are many other aspects to be considered in planning a curriculum, but the basics are already stated above. Let this be a guideline in making your own, but do not be limited to this. Use your imagination; use your creativity. Think of other ways wherein learning can be fun and exciting for the children. Let them enjoy school. (Time-life,1987 ) “Piaget saw mental growth as proceeding in many different fronts simultaneously.” In totality, the curriculum should be able to address the students’ individual needs, forsee answers to the questions, fills the gap, and make learning happen in between the childish fracas. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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