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In this essay, the author demonstrates how After training his learners he will make an evaluation to test whether they have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills for the roles of the Executive Assistant. In his assessment, he will require his learners to come up with travel…
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The Main Reason of Workforce Effective
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Workforce Effective Step The main reason of offering this training is to fully equip the Executive Assistant with useful knowledge and skills in carrying out his duties. After talking to the four learners of my learners I realized that they want to learn how to operate learn the technical skills regarding computer operation which includes working with Word, Excel and PowerPoint. They also need to learner the necessary communication skills to enhance their communication with different caller's .For the bosses they require assistants who are competent with computer use and possesses good communication skills.
Step 2
Having four learners to train in duration of two months, I am supposed to assist the learners in the attainment of the following objectives.
By the end of the training period learners should be able to maintain a well organized schedule thus utilizing the lotus note.
By the end of the training period learners should be able to design meeting and travel arrangements
By the end of the training period learners should be able to handle confidential mail
By the end of the training period learners should be able to communicate effectively with fellow working staff and the clients of the organization.
By the end of the training session learners should be able to provide all Administrative support to the Presidents
Step 3
After training my learners I will make an evaluation to test whether they have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills for the roles of the Executive Assistant. In my assessment I will require my learners to come up with a travel and meeting arrangement plan. This will help me in knowing whether this objective was achieved.
I will require them to work with various computer packages, for example Access, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint among others to demonstrate their effectiveness.
By using Excel, Word and PowerPoint design a travel and meeting arrangement plan to be used in an organization.
Clearly describe why you would use effective communication skills in directing callers in a busy business enterprise
Explain the importance of properly handling organization's confidential information What could be the outcomes of leaking the company's confidential correspondence
Give a clear illustration on how to maintain proper schedules of a busy office bearer Make use of the computer in answering your question.
Step 4
In order to pass my evaluation learners need to learn on how to make is of the computers in drawing schedules for a busy office, they need to learn good communication skills for use in the office
Step 5
The training resources /materials will include;
Four computers to be used by the learners
Text books on effective communication skills
Prepared schedules to serve as demonstrations
Questions and answer booklets to be used by the learners in their discussion work
Case studies from various companies to be used in the training session. This will ensure better understanding to the learners.
Step 6
To start with I will prepare my learners psychologically by assuring them that whatever we are going to learn is easy and to their level understanding. I will arrange my lesson in a manner that I will be moving from simple to complex. This will ensure consistency allowing my learners to absorb more knowledge.


Collard, R. (1992): Total quality: success through people, London, IPM
Fiedler, F. (1967): A theory of leadership effectiveness, New York, MCC Hill. Read More
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The Main Reason of Workforce Effective Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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