Contingent Workforce Planning at Motorola, Inc - Case Study Example

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The researcher states that a contingent workforce that is designed will help to build a proper unified approach in the company, in relation to staff selection, educating new employees, management, and training. This model helps to solve the existing problems and it is very effective…
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Contingent Workforce Planning at Motorola, Inc
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Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that a company where contingent workers are responsible for the usual staff and form inter-corporate culture comes up. This significantly results in increased activity and contingent labor influence, which leads to the insecurity of the employment relationship. Despite the Motorola is an international company working in more than 70 countries worldwide, it is affected by the same human resource problems. The modern companies use contingent workers. Initially, the company’s human resource system was based on the transactional relationships between different staffing and recruiting firms. The firms were responsible for the staff selection and making contracts in the market. Consequently, this approach had many problems that related to a lack of coordination and staff management. There was also a lack of common corporate contingent labor plan sourcing, a disparity between the contingent workers pay rate and that of the company’s full-time workers and high costs of sourcing. Among the Motorola Company’s problems, there are two main ones: the first one is associated with the company’s business activities cycle. This required a certain degree of flexibility of the staff’s number. The second problem relates to the high cost of the previous staff recruitment scheme, which involved a great number of staffing companies and agencies. There are some facts that affect the problems and issues at the Motorola Company. Recruitment of contingent employees is a modern tendency in big companies and Motorola is a no exception. The trend of hiring temporary workers has reasons, and as earlier mentioned, this trend is due to the cynical nature of the industry. This requires the flexibility of staffing. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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