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Students Attending - Case Study Example

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It is a growing concern among the education practitioners on the methods that need be used to be able to recruit and retain the minority students given the fact that the financial hard ships overcome their enrollment and also the fact that the people with the financial capability are withdrawing their assistance to the blacks (Gene, 2009)…
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Students Attending
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Download file to see previous pages This forms a need for research to determine the nature of factors that are intent on making this a challenge and a rising concern. It has been noted that since its inception in the United States, the government continually funded the HBCUs in a bid to raise the number of students from the black minority that are getting higher education. However, the dwindling financial aid to the low-income students and the increased competition from the predominantly white institutions is proving to be a challenge amongst these students.
Private colleges and universities did not build up a solid financial base and this has caught up with them at the moment since it is very difficult for them to raise money for institutional resources and the ability to fight of financial starvation in the increasingly competitive environment. The institutions are also fighting for a share in the government support and this financial stand off is really affected the students as the academic experience is not is not of quality (Gayla, 2009). Social factors often have been identified as critical in the success of the African-American students. It was hypothesized that students who participated in social activities are more likely to remain at the university. This is due to social integration and academic integration. This has improved their participation in the academic sector and this implies that this is a good way of relieving stress and increasing performance (MacKay & Kuh, 2004). It is revealed that the environment of predominantly-White institutions can be more alienating than the environment at historically-Black institutions (Loo & Rolinson, 2006), while attending a historically-Black institution is related to satisfaction with the overall college experience. Unstructured socialization has been seen as the most predominant cause of time wastage among the black students. This has made the people to have less time to do their studies and also less time to attend to the class work.
However, individual background and differences have been found out to have a great toll in the way that they adopt to time management schedules and the rate at which they focus in class (Gayla, 2009). This dictates their performance as lack of attention directly affects the there attention status of the students. Perceived stress is another case where the students face clear and distinct analysis of their own feelings about the recurrent issues in their lives. It is true that the hardships they face on a daily basis are enough to make the students feel very disturbed. This makes them not concentrate in class and perform poorer in their academics. The major problem is the racial segregation and also the way in which they can attain basic necessities and the need to be top in what their academics.
It is therefore important for researchers to come up with a way to fix these problems and assist the black minority kids in these HBCUs and in the PWI to excel and match the other lucky children from the dominant groups. The basis of this research is in consideration of these factors and also in consideration of the minority groups that have no voice in policy making. It entails the steps that can be taken to help the kids remain in school and also have equal opportunities like the rest of the students in their midst. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Students Attending Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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