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Student induction program - Case Study Example

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The University of East London has been implementing an induction program for several years now. It is part of managerial function to monitor the implementation of programs to identify shortcomings, if any, and define as well how program implementation by management can be improved…
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Student induction program
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Download file to see previous pages The literature on induction in the formal literature such as journals, books, and scholarly publications are not many. Perhaps this manifests a situation in which the role of induction in education is being underestimated. Nevertheless, when this research was conducted, similar efforts were initiated by other students and the findings of this study can be validated by the said studies.
Is the induction program of the University of East London working well or successful' What factors are affecting its success' In particular, do gender and student age factors come into play for its success' Is the availability of the university "information pack" also playing a role for the success of the university induction program' How can we improve the induction program of the University of East London'
The basic design of this research is to combine quantitative and qualitative research. The qualitative research will be useful in the assessment of success of the induction program based on beneficiary perception of satisfaction or non-satisfaction on the implementation of the program. Meanwhile, the qualitative research component of this study is meant to elicit recommendations on how the induction program can be improved. The recommendations were be elicited from the target beneficiaries of the University of East London: the students. ...
The quantitative research will be implemented through a random sample of respondents. In contrast, the qualitative research will be implemented through a non-probability sample of a quota of five students from the random sample. In the latter, there is no intention to create possibilities for inference because the emphasis is to obtain insights from the target beneficiaries of the University of East London.
As mentioned, two data gathering instruments were employed for the study: 1) a questionnaire for quantitative research or survey; and 2) an interview instrument for the qualitative research. The first instrument focuses on respondent profile, the impact of the induction program on the respondents, data that can indicate whether the induction program of the University of London has been successful, and on the variables that may be affecting the success of the University of East London's induction program. In contrast, the second instrument which is an instrument for qualitative research, seeks to enlist respondent insights from a quota of five respondents on how the induction program at the university can be improved.
Scope and limitation
While the random sampling of this study can be used for inferential statistics, inferential statistics will not be used in view of the author's limitations on time and resources. Because of such limitations, not enough sample size was obtained for greater accuracy although inferential statistics can be applied on the sample using Walpole & Myers (1999, p. 265) to make estimates on the population proportion.
Using a larger sample size will even make possible the test of hypotheses on proportions (Walpole & Myers, pp. 337-388) but this is not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Student Induction Program Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words.
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