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Oscillating Selection in College Life Student - Essay Example

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In the paper “Oscillating Selection in College Life Student” the author examines how terms oscillating selection, convergent evolution, and evolutionary reversal applied in college life students. As a student when we enter the adult world of a college or university we under a lot of changes within us…
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Oscillating Selection in College Life Student
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Extract of sample "Oscillating Selection in College Life Student"

The theory of oscillatory selection could be one of the first phases of evolution that we may go through. This theory explains the oscillation of a specie between two different environments with the aim to be in the best-suited environment at a given point in time. If we consider our groups of friends we hang out in college with, we would realize that they are generally divided into two if not three. One group would represent the studious kind and the other the fun-loving kind. There is always a marked difference between the characteristics of both the groups such that they can never merge and we as an individual would opt to be a part of only one group at any given point in time. When an individual wants to be recognized as the "hottest guy" in college or "Mr cool", which is generally the case in the initial years in college we want to be seen as a part of the "fun-loving". But when we have assignments to submit and deadlines of work to be met with we shift over to the studious kind for help
The theory of convergent evolution explains the acquisition of some traits by a specie, from other species that are not sufficiently related. If we do an introspection of our selves we would find that there are a few traits that we may have developed unknowingly as we in college interact with so many individuals from varied backgrounds. Refines is a characteristic which comes in with age. This could pertain to our dressing sense or even the way in which we behave with our colleagues. As a youngster when we enter the college or dressing sense and behavior is generally quite immature but as we are grilled through the seasons at college we tend to adopt a mature way of life generally having been influenced by either our professors or other delegates with whom we interact over the years due to our academics. We tend to show characterizes both physical and behavioral similarities to that of a mature adult which is uncommon in a youngster. This can be proved once we compare pictures taken at the beginning of the 1st term with those clicked towards the end of our last term.
Evolutionary reversal theory explains the process in which some features or characteristics of specie at first evolved but due to change in its environment are once again reversed, which in most cases is not a complete reversal. Going back to the first example of friends, during the initial years or seasons in college we tend to move along with the group which is into parties and sports and like to refer to as the "cool gang". For a student who had earlier been an introvert this could be an evolutionary phase for his personality but as the seriousness of studies and profession catches up in the forthcoming years the student who had evolved from a quiet one to be a very outgoing one may once again settle down a bit though not to the level he was before. This kind of evolution would be very helpful for him as he would become a balanced person now.
Thus we can compare our journey through college gear up to face the challenges of the adult world to the various theories of evolution. Read More
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Oscillating Selection in College Life Student Essay.
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Oscillating Selection in College Life Student Essay.
“Oscillating Selection in College Life Student Essay”.
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