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The state of E-learning initiatives in Saudi Arabia Universities - Essay Example

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The research “The state of E-learning initiatives in Saudi  Arabia Universities” is aimed at analysing the state and extent of E-Learning initiatives in Saudi Arabian universities. This research will encompass an analysis of the available E-Learning tools…
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The state of E-learning initiatives in Saudi Arabia Universities
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Extract of sample "The state of E-learning initiatives in Saudi Arabia Universities"

Download file to see previous pages This technology, popularly referred to as E Learning, has significantly contributed to the expansion of courses offered and, more importantly, has emerged as an efficient and effective quality education tool for students who want to pursue their education from home. Indeed, the use of the internet as a medium to impart knowledge has experienced unprecedented growth over the past years. The 21st century witnessed acceptance of the internet as the preferred medium of education and instruction in quite a few Western European and United States colleges and universities. Determined not to be left behind, Saudi universities and college took the initiative to implement E Learning technologies. They started off well and a number of colleges put in place courses with credits on the web and students had the facility to get information and also use the services of online tutorials to prepare for the exams. The practice of providing online course information for students has entrenched itself in the educational landscape and indeed, has taken root in countless universities and colleges around the world. Even so, the aforementioned constitutes a minor componential element of E Learning based approach to education. Accordingly, most Saudi colleges took the initiative and put in place the short term plan of posting information online and tying up with International partners and universities in the West to offer their online courses and degrees to the Middle East. The aim was to provide localised service. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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