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Common Inspection Framework - Essay Example

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This essay deals within an examination of the Common Inspection Framework and its significance for a further education college. The purpose of the discussion is to identify key themes in and influences of the policy on education and will further critically assess the impact…
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Common Inspection Framework
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Extract of sample "Common Inspection Framework"

Download file to see previous pages In conclusion and summary I will suggest how this framework has helped improve or consolidate standards within the educational system and what other features could be incorporated within the framework for future improvement of educational standards. In the process I will discuss whether the framework is essentially a hindrance or is an asset to the educational system.

Policy- Common Inspection Framework:
The Common Inspection Framework has been introduced by the government and department of education to check and improve the quality and standards of education and to provide insights on the educational system in matters related to training and financial resources.
Inspection of educational system helps to understand how the system is working and is almost essential for providing regular appraisals of workings and functioning of the system. According to the Common Inspection Framework, the main purposes of inspection are to: (from Common Inspection Framework, ALI and Ofsted, 2001)
- give an independent public account of the quality of education and training,
the standards achieved and the efficiency with which resources are managed
- help bring about improvement by identifying strengths and weaknesses and
highlighting good practice
- keep the Secretary of State, the Learning and Skills Council for England and
the Employment Service informed about the quality and standards of
education and training
- promote a culture of self-assessment among providers, leading to continuous improvement or maintenance of very high quality and
standards. (from Common Inspection Framework, ALI and Ofsted, 2001)
The three main purposes of inspection are thus to give an account of...
This discussion stresses that the policy and its establishment, the connections of the policy with college education and the brief literature review that should be aimed during the search process for this article are discussed in the introductory stage of the analysis. The policy is then described and the changes made to date as well as the policy as it now stands are considered in the initial part of the discussion showing how the policy differs at present from its original version. The differences within the policy as seen in its earlier version and present version are studied to provide a better understanding of the meaning and influence of all aspects of the policy within education.

From this paper it is clear that the three main purposes of inspection are thus to give an account of the quality of education followed, to identify strengths and weaknesses of educational systems and show room for improvement, and to promote self assessment and higher standards within the educational settings. Inspection seem to be generally associated with the results of what has been evaluated and how the findings are presented and also hw inspections are carried out. The key questions delineated by the Common Inspection Framework are the following. The Common Inspection Framework helps in evaluating how efficient or effective the provisions and related services are in meeting all of learner’s needs and also suggests the steps that have to be taken to improve the learning provisions provided.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Common Inspection Framework Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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