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Signature : Applying What You Have Learned-Contemporary Issue - Assignment Example

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Signature Assignment: Common Core Standards in Education University Name Signature Assignment: Common Core Standards in Education Introduction When education first became a staple of American society, the population was quite small and manageable…
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Signature Assignment: Applying What You Have Learned-Contemporary Issue
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Extract of sample "Signature : Applying What You Have Learned-Contemporary Issue"

Download file to see previous pages As a consequence, the diversity of the people has necessitated that they traditional views of education be reshaped and rethought. No longer is a consensus about core curriculum matters, for example, so easy to attain. State by state, and often district by district, communities hold differing beliefs about how the educational system should be managed and driven. Out of this has come an often fragmented system where children in one area of the country receives an excellent education that prepares them well for post-secondary school life, while other children receive an inferior quality of education drought with turmoil and strife. In the end, educators and politicians has felt that there should be a set of common core standards that, no matter what locality a child attends school in, they will still be expected to meet. This concept has taken hold and is sweeping the nation, but is still in process of being shaped and defined. This paper will look at the implications of the common core standards throughout America and provide a plan by which the initiative can truly can take hold and provide that level playing field for all children that Americans have long sought after. Political Implications of Common Core Standards Politicians today, both at the state and federal levels, are under increasing pressure to standardize the standards in education so as to increase the academic achievement across the country. Undoubtedly, this is no easy task and is certainly wrought with various opinions and ideas about how to best go about accomplishing the task. At the national level, individuals charged with reforming the educational system in America are desperately trying to propose initiatives that build upon what individual states are doing. They do not want to usurp state authority, yet they do feel the need to nationalize a certain set of core standards. Bridging these two philosophies together has proven difficult, but progress is being made. The overarching aim of this initiative is to build upon the standards that have been laid out by each state in America, and combining that with federal standards to ensure that every student in the student is asked to grasp comprehend certain fundamental concepts. This will, the hope is, lead to a national education system that more effectively provides students with the high quality of academic learning that has been the cornerstone of American schools for nearly three centuries. In the end, the Common Core Standards will make it clear to every student, parent, and teacher just exactly what is expected of them, and there will be certain benchmarks introduced that will measure success. Politicians, then, are often judged by the results of the schools in their constituency. They must learn to balance the desires of the federal government with the unique needs of their local population. By combining the two and forming a set of nationalized core standards, some of the pressure can be lifted and be seen more as a joint effort in the end. National core standards in education is not actually a new concept to Western based academic systems. The United Kingdom, for example, has long had a national system of standards that all pupils region wide are expected master. Such mastery is determined by a series of national exams administered upon finish the core years of high school, prior to embarking on a college or university path. To be sure, the standards have been wrought with political in-fighting over the years, but that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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