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The rational - Essay Example

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The rational By [Name of Student] Education [Name of University] [Date] 1.0 Introduction Website technology is an essential tool that serves numerous purposes, which include learning through web resources, entertainment, and communication among others. This essay intends to examine production of an educational website and its application in teaching about colours and attributed issues…
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The rational
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Extract of sample "The rational"

Download file to see previous pages The Internet is not only a source of learning but also a superb source of entertainment. The internet offers a wide range of recreational activities (Klapter et al, 2009:7). Considering the benefits attributed to the internet, a website to teach attributed aspects of colours has been launched. This website intends to teach the children aged 5 and 9 years. 1.1 A brief description about the website I have developed a website entitled “Learning Colours” for children. The website contains six pages and ten sub-pages. The “Home Page” introduces viewers to the Rainbow, which is essential in the learning process. I have provided my introduction in About Me page, though it has little concern with the children learning process. A Flikr video in Page 3 explains the steps essential for uploading and drawing colours on the website. On equal measure, Page 4 has multiple items that include the name and images of sixteen colour shades depicted with background music. Moreover, the fill in the blanks strategy, has been applied by providing incomplete names of colours to be filled by the children. Conversely, images have also been included in front of the specific colours for the curiosity and learning. Moreover, primary and secondary, as well as warm and cool colours have been depicted in this page. The other pages contain more colour attributive aspects such as colour mixing and rainbow colours among others. 1.2 My Teaching Methodology I intend to use my website as an additional source at the end of the class lecture, such that the children can be able to recall the activities learnt in this lecture. A website is easy to understand and beneficial for teaching in the modern era. Consequently, the depiction of images could be helpful in teaching the children about colours. This means that the children can learn about the objects and colours simultaneously through this teaching methodology (WHITTY, 2006:6). The children are required to access the relevant material through the portable tablets in advance, such that during the face –face meetings, a series of simple but interrelated questions about colours would be asked from the accessed materials. The activity relates to Piaget’s Cognitive Learning Theory, which submits to state that sequence of learning depends upon the development of cognitive abilities (SZIGETHY, WEISZ, & FINDLING, 2012). 2.0 Activities and Principles 2.1 Activities Accurate and powerful designs of the websites, according to NEILSEN (1994:7), carry profound significance in conveying the message and achieving the goals to be obtained through it. Keeping in view the same notion, I intend to introduce some alterations in the website in order to make the design schemes more attractive, powerful and resourceful. In addition, I intend to create a “learn with parents” page. This is because; it is a good indicator of children’s success when engaged by their parents. The learning process becomes easy when the parents help their children to go through the internet pages when helping them to do their assignment. (WHITTY, 2006:5). On equal measure, I intend to use the flickr group in evaluating the children’s work. In addition, the flickr group will enable the children to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Rational Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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