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An Annotated Bibliography - Essay Example

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Diversity of Multilingualism Name Institution Vortovec, S., 2006. “Super-Diversity and its Implication,” Journal of Ethnic and Racial Studies, vol. 30, no.6, pp.1024-1054. The author looks at the growth if diversity in Britain. The author agrees that after thirty years of government policies, social service and public conception have been shaped by a specific knowledge of immigration and multicultural diversity…
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An Annotated Bibliography
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Extract of sample "An Annotated Bibliography"

Download file to see previous pages “Multilingual Identities in Higher Education: Negotiating the ‘Mother Tongue’, ‘Posh’ and ‘Slang’”, Journal of Language and Education, Vol. 24., no. 1,pp. 21-39. Preece’s articles analyses linguistic diversity amid minority ethnic undergraduates students classified as from broadening participation background in a new University in Britain. The author recognizes that students negotiate multilingual and bidilectal identities within the framework of an academic writing programme considered as offering English language remediation. Leung, C., Harris, R. and Rampton, B. 1997. “Multilingualism in England,” Annual Review of Applied Linguistics, no. 7, pp. 224-241. The authors point out about the recent reactions to multilingualism in the national education systems and point to the increasing tension between education policy and research. The authors then suggest that there is so much that has happened in the study and understanding of multilingualism in England. To analyze this, the authors focus on the dynamic and contested connections amid educational policy, academic debate and daily sociolinguistic practice. As multilingualism in growing in the United Kingdom as a result of immigration, urban areas are becoming more diverse in their utilization of language. This is resulting in local government regulations being imposed to provide for those who do not speak the prevailing language. These policies are targeted at ensuring diversify and acceptance amid the scope of languages and speakers in any given region. School curriculums are making it possible for students to learn each other’s languages and so make sure good communication between distinct cultures. It is at times presumed that English is sufficient, but in global terms just 60 percent of the population are native speakers and 75 percent speak no English at all. Research on the internet reveals a decline in the relative influence of English online, from 51 percent of traffic in 2000 to 27 percent as of 2011. The United Kingdom requires a multilingual population in order to succeed in a globalised universe, for global citizenships, for diplomacy, security and in global relations and for creating a taskforce to operate proficiently in trade and investment. In spite of the numerous interest groups affected by multilingualism and development of new ways to quantify the linguistic topography in the UK’s exhaustive information on UK multilingualism has only presently surfaced. The in particular emerges from conflicting definitions of language capability and situational usage, with non-standardized measures utilized to explain these (Edwards, 2004). The engagement of the state with the subject of multilingualism functions at numerous levels. The United Kingdom has not general official regulation on multilingualism, even though the EU supports trilingualism. Public discussions about multilingualism are London transforms often, though there is some persistency in promoting specific forms of bilingualism, specifically through formal learning. There is prejudice in the conceived positions of distinct languages. Bilingualism appears to be regarded as an asset if it is learned as opposed to the acquired language prestige. On the other hand, bilingualism is conceived as an inadequate if possessed in a migrant home. There are discussions over if and how the past ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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