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Personal School Health Education School - Essay Example

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This essay talks about health education which is an important element in growth. It promotes the mental well-being of children and help in the growth process. Mental development is an essential element in growth as it is used to measure the actual growth of a person. …
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Personal School Health Education School
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Download file to see previous pages From the discussion it is clear that children who are without parental care are prone to violence, drug abuse, exploitation, and educational problems as well as HIV/AIDS infection. School based child protection program is a program designed to responds to children’s social, economical and development needs. One of the basic needs of children is the right to good health and provision of health care services.
As the paper declares personal School Health Education provides a basic understanding and responds to the health needs of children. Poverty is the major challenge facing this program as it exposes children to the world as a vulnerable society. The world human rights laws protect children from harmful work and economic exploitation. It states that all children are entitled to provision of education and health services regardless of the economic status of the country or community. In this case, children education is mandatory in every country all around the world. Personal School Health Education has been introduced in the education curriculum to provide guidelines in the provision of children health service. Social and emotional wellbeing is an important as aspect in the growth of children as it directly affects physical health. Good emotional, psychological and social health protects children against emotional and behavioural changes. Emotional and social wellbeing are influenced by a various factors which are individual make-up, community and family background. Healthy education development Personal School Health Education helps in the development of a healthy environment for the growth of young people. Staying healthy entails the understanding of a person’s emotional being and maintaining healthy eating habits. The health of a person influences his or her education prospects. A healthy body promotes a positive state of mind that supports understanding thus positively influences education. Tutor groups Tutor group is a section in the Personal School Health Education that helps in the creation of a positive and healthy learning environment. It promotes the wellbeing of a person as it creates positive understanding of the person’s health status and also provides guidelines on how to live healthily. The basic idea of the introduction of tutor groups in the Personal School Health Education program was to foster the application of theoretical skills into practical life. The concept of group ideology helps in the sharing of experiences thus present theoretical education in a practical format. It also helps to monitor the health and wellbeing of children as a tutor is assigned a small group of children whom he or she monitors their health progress during the education program. Tutor groups help in the rating of the program’s capability in enhancing health and wellbeing of young people and their development at large. Behavior Management School systems are experiencing a climate of change towards the behavioral norms upheld by children and students. These changes enable students to think comprehensively about ways in which they can contribute to the society in a healthy manner that reflects their positive perspectives. Such is with the introduction of the Personal School Health Education (PSHE); a program enabling schools contribute to the well-being of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Personal School Health Education School Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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