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Evaluating the success of the tutoring program - Case Study Example

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A tutoring program that best serves the needs of children must have been carefully developed whilst keeping into consideration the needs of targeted children (Deese-Roberts & Keating, 2000). …
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Evaluating the success of the tutoring program
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Extract of sample "Evaluating the success of the tutoring program"

Download file to see previous pages Unlike other programs that are assessed only on the basis of their outcomes, the success of this program will be assessed right from the way it aims to identify the need to its design and finally to the way its objectives and goals defined. According to Richards and Lassonde (2009) a successful tutoring program can be evaluated right from goal setting to curriculum development. The need The success of tutoring program is one that begins by identifying the need for which the program is being designed. For instance, the targeted person may already have some assessment information like retention rates, test scores, and even anecdotal reports from teachers and family. In such a case, the assessment is likely to entail a clear inventory of up-to-date reading aspects, with a clear indication or identification of their scope and nature, in order to effectively measure the need against existing services, as well as to identify the gaps that the new program is intended to fill. This process helps at minimizing duplication, mobilize resources, build on experience, and avert the tensions that are likely to arise when the new program is rolled out. Most importantly, this information is aimed at helping the planners to concentrate on the kids whose needs are very high. Research shows that, on average, four out of ten kids are at a high risk particularly in terms of developing their level of literacy (Fashola, 2002). The tutoring program in this case was a success as it captured all the aspects mentioned. For instance, picking a child and administering an informal reading inventory. Analyzing and synthesize the results to know the need of the child. Interviewing the student by asking information about her and her family background such as age and language they speak at home. This initial stage was a big success as it helped the teacher to know the need and also to effectively measure the need against available services. Defines the mission A successful tutoring program must have a well-defined overall mission. According to Morrow and Woo (2001) when developing the mission of the program, planners are supposed to take into consideration significant contributions to supporting the child’s literacy development made by institutions such as child care centers, as well as other out-of-school community programs. Therefore, the mission statement must describe what the tutoring program intends to do in order to effectively address the needs identified. In this case, the tutoring program will be successful if its mission is based around the identified needs. In this case, the assessment will want to establish if the need is well identified: the student is female and bilingual. She does not do much reading at home, she like basketball, like Latin music just to mention but a few. In spite of all these, she wants to learn. When some words list and reading stories, started from 3rd grade word lists to 12th grade to read were administered to test her reading skills, She did well until 6th grade word lists. The instructor was able to notice that she needed instructions and have comprehension problems. Generally, the need for the tutoring program was about reading. Therefore, the mission would read like: The mission of this Tutoring Program is to encourage the student to develop an attitude for reading, to learn, to help the student become an engaged reader, as well as to ensuring that the student has access to high quality reading materials. If the instructor developed a mission statement like this, he could easily proceed as it sets objectives and goals that the tutoring program is expected to deliver. Therefore, a successful tutoring program is assessed on whether or not it has a well-defined mission statement. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Evaluating the Success of the Tutoring Program Case Study.
“Evaluating the Success of the Tutoring Program Case Study”, n.d.
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