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Clay Shirky - Wiki exam (group) vs Traditional exam (individual) - Essay Example

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Instructor Course Submission date Clay Shirky - Wiki exam In the text here comes everybody suggests that group of are complex, in a way that make those group to form and hard to sustain. Clay argues that the shape of tradition institutions is responsible for challenges faced in the management of these situations…
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Clay Shirky - Wiki exam (group) vs Traditional exam (individual)
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Extract of sample "Clay Shirky - Wiki exam (group) vs Traditional exam (individual)"

Download file to see previous pages For example, each student will try to work his or her problem individually, not as a group. While 15 students can be arranged into a group of 2 individuals per unit and faster solutions will be achieved as each pair will tackle a certain procedure (issue) as one. Clay views that as the group grows it gets considerably worse as the group could sit around discussing the possible choices of all day, with no guarantee you will get to an agreement at all. With every one selling his or her interest, these complexities have nothing to do with classmates or friendship specifically; they are the response to the grim logic of group complexity. As the class grows it becomes difficult for a student to interact directly with everyone from their teachers and other students. If maintaining the connection between two students takes effort, then managing a bigger population becomes unattainable. This phenomenon even in situations, people may clink glasses during a toast, in a small group can touch glasses to everyone (Berman 279).. The college should embrace the wiki project because it is kind of an organization where different aspects need to be matched from the students activates such doing exams, assignments, and the tutors with support of the entire staff in the institution. For example, they may need to call a meeting of the students or staff to convey a message. This form of communication may come from the academic chair or workers representative this does not mean everyone has to shout to give the information it must pass in a simplified channel such as school representative from the student and the staff leaders in different sections. Therefore, running a college as itself may be difficult, to achieve the aimed goal such as academic excellence. Every daily activity in the college requires recourses from human resource to financial resources to meet the required objective of the institution. As a result, no institution can put all it energies in pursuing a mission. It should utilize considerable efforts on maintaining discipline and structure, simply to keep itself viable. Therefore, self management of the college becomes a priority while staged goal is relegated to number two or lower, no matter what the mission statement says. The problem inherent in managing these transaction cost are one of the basic constrains shaping institutions of all kinds. Therefore, the more students are involved in a task, the more potential misunderstanding and arguments in a class will be experienced. New tools of managing students can be used in classrooms with bigger numbers for effectiveness and efficiency of teaching and learning, for example, allocating identity groups in a classroom with different names of about five members in a group to share assignments and class work. This will make work easier for tutors to communicate and assign class works without having to communicate to everyone in the lecture room. Critiques of the theory Conflicting perspective of MOOCs to divide education communities Elite institutions in the Academy, primarily leading United States universities are widely engaging enthusiastically in MOOCS by lending brand, content, funds, staff and policy, but it is not applicable for the minority as it prevents a conspicuous literature. Small institutions have not engaged in MOOCS because it complex for them, and those who have tried have sounded an alarm over it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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