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Exam Cheating As An Ethical Breach - Essay Example

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Many cases have been reported about students who engage in exam irregularities for a long time. The writer of the paper "Exam Cheating As An Ethical Breach" detailed discusses the thesis related to exam cheating and states that it is an indication of decay in societal morals…
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Exam Cheating As An Ethical Breach
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Extract of sample "Exam Cheating As An Ethical Breach"

Download file to see previous pages Is it a situation where the hunted raising their game than the hunter? One thing for sure is that exam cheating is real although the extent to which it cuts through human morality or ethical standards is what can be argued. Some people consider exam cheating as a way of survival in college and ignore any ethical breach that could be associated with it. However, a keen perception of this matter reveals otherwise. Thesis statement: Exam cheating is an indication of decay in societal morals.
The manner in which the society responds to exam cheating is a manifesto that indeed there is a problem. It is possible to find someone ignoring and deeming it normal when they see a close friend or family member cheating in an exam. As long as the ‘cheater’ is away from the instructor or lecturer, they have nothing to worry about. This is because everywhere else is ‘safe’ except the surroundings of the lecturer. No one cares about the society if you cheat or not. Integrity and honesty are key principles in any society’s moral provisions. At work or business, employees are expected to show high integrity level as well as honesty (Anderman and Tamera, 133). At school the same principles apply, one is supposed to honest in every endeavor they engage in. How they are you honest when you sneak in with unwanted materials into the examination room to copy and lie to the examiner it is your own work?
In the society, exam cheating is well distinguished to be a wrong action that is ethically unaccepted. Children have been socialized into knowing what is good and what is bad. It, therefore, means that the people who engage in cheating understand pretty well that they are taking unethical steps. All they do is to make what is wrong to look right. They understand that their ego would ‘eat’ them up if they never deploy a strong defense mechanism. They, therefore, have devised excuses and untrue opinions about cheating. Some call it a normal college action while others claim it is not an ethical issue or if it is then it must be very mild. How mild can it be mild when one gets a degree that is not theirs? Doesn’t it feel bad to be employed in an organization with someone’s ‘knowledge’? ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Exam Cheating As An Ethical Breach Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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