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Preparing for Exam - Essay Example

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This writing will focus on the various steps that need to be followed by a student to prepare well for an exam. The problem is very common, since during exam period, students take a lot of stress and they find it quite difficult to prepare for their exams…
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Preparing for Exam
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Extract of sample "Preparing for Exam"

Preparing for Exam During exam period, take a lot of stress and they find it quite difficult to prepare for their exams. This stress is caused because they had not conducted any kind of preparation for exam before hand and they sit at the last moment to study for their papers. At the last day they try to complete the entire year’s course work, this act is simply impossible to conduct because what have been taught in classes throughout the year can not be covered in one day or one night. When students study for an entire day, they try not to gain any relaxation and they attempt the paper with ample amount of sleep in their eyes. The end result is that during the exam period they fail to understand the questions and fail the entire exam. This writing will focus on the various steps that need to be followed by a student to prepare well for an exam.
Step 1
Exam preparation should start from the day a particular semester or a particular class starts. To pass exam students should have enough material available to their disposal so no stone is unturned to gain a good grade during exams. To collect enough material a student should take notes of the lectures of the instructor and ensure that he does not miss even a single point that the instructor has talked about. Notes prepared from instructors lecture is best for studying for the papers because instructor’s lecture helps the student pin point the important elements of a course.
Step 2
A student should not wait until the last moment to study for exams; this should take place in every day of a student’s life. Every day a student should allocate certain amount of time period to study the notes he/she has copied during the lecture session. Initial learning aids a lot when exam days are on the head of the student.
Step 3
To prepare for exams a student needs to think like a teacher or should think like those who prepare exam papers and should create sample questions that may be asked during the final exam day. After creating the questions, the students should create answers for these questions and learn the answers and understand the answers of those questions.
Step 4
One month before the final exam day, a student should have covered the entire course work by studying for a limited time period each day (Blerkom 50). One month before the exam, the student should revise what he had studies for the first time and his revision should not consume more than 3 weeks of the last month.
Step 5
After completing the first revision session, the student needs to start with the final revision session and should be done with the revision before the last day of the exam. One day before the exam, a student should study but he/she should not put extra burden on his her mind so he/she ends up mentally and physically ready to give the exam.
Works Cited
Blerkom, Dianna L.. College study skills: becoming a strategic learner. 3rd ed. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Pub. Co., 2000. Print. Read More
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