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Reading Assessment - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Introduction Children development is an essential section in human growth. It is the first step of self identity thus entails a lot of monitoring as well as training. This is the stage where a person develops his or her external communication skills (Meek…
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Reading Assessment
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Extract of sample "Reading Assessment"

Introduction Children development is an essential section in human growth. It is the first step of self identity thus entails a lot of monitoring as well as training. This is the stage where a person develops his or her external communication skills (Meek. 8). It is also the root of a person’s education life. Reading and writing begins at this stage thus teachers struggle to develop the two most important senses in the human growth process. These are the sense of touch and sight. Children are first subjected to the basic alphabetical letters in which he or she learns to pronouns as well as write. The alphabets are accompanied by drawings of items which are attributed to their pronunciation for instance the letter A is linked with the word ‘Apple ‘. Therefore, children are able to link the alphabetical letter A to the word Apple. The senses of sight and touch are essential in young children development as they promote memory development (Keating. 23). Major factor affecting childhood development Children acquire their first education from home (Marian. 17). In this case, mothers play a central role in determining the educational direction of their children. In a case study, Emma is an eight year old child who is brought up by a single parent who is her mother. Emma is referred in her first stage of primary school education due to her low performance. The basic problem is that she does not like school. This is attributed to the negative perception of her mother on school since she also struggled in her school life. Children borrow their first character from the people who are close to them during their early stages of development. This involves the time period between birth and the age of 5 years. Emma was eventually recommended to see a psychologist for a learning disability test. After a short period of attitude coaching, she was able to advance to the next stage which involved convectional spelling patterns, at this stage, both her ability to see and hear were tested. A child’s ability to read is influenced by environmental, psychological and physiological factors. Environmental factors include language, socio economic status, socio culture, ethnicity, and gender. Pychosocialogical factors are emotional functioning, cognitive and attitude while physiological factors are neurological functioning, hearing and vision (Neaum. 57). All the aspects combine to form the process of learning to read in a developing child. Approach The first phase was to determine the outcome of the program. The program was aid at developing reading skills in children. Skills students must learn The students were subjected to a series of practical subjects such as listening to comprehensions and answering regular and repeated questions. There was also the use of visual aids such as charts and videos. Reading comprehensions simple comprehensions was another activity that the children were involved in order to develop interest in reading. How to teach and examination process The examination process was aimed at determining the growth and level of confidence attained by the student during the training and teaching process. The examination process was carried out by Mrs. Sharon Darling who is a specialist in early childhood education Where the instruction would take place The process took place in a modern equipped early childhood development school. A school contains all the environmental, psychophysical and psychosocial aspects. Results Subject Confidence interval Age Growth Listening comprehension 74-96 4 469 Early reading skills 71-97 5 470 Reading comprehension 68-88 5 445 Word reading 76-86 5 401 Oral expression 66-88 5 442 Spelling 64-76 6 334 *growth radar represents the marks scored by students in the test Listening and comprehension Listening comprehension and answering of questions related to the comprehension was used to test the understanding of the learner. Emma was able to gain her concentration at this stage. Comprehension is a good method of creating confidence when learning English. Emma was able to gain much confidence at this stage as the confident level moved from 74% to 96%. Self confidence is an important entity in reading. It promotes the ability to read without shaking and stammering. Therefore, presents a mental growth of 469. Early reading Early reading was the best performed skill as it presented a mental growth of 470. Emma was subjected to this test in order to withdraw her first language which is the language acquired from the parents also known as the mother tongue. She was able to pass this test with high scores since she had developed a great interest in English. Her level of confidence rose to 97% in this stage. Comprehension . Reading comprehension was done to test Emma’s reading skills. It presented a growth level of 445. Comprehensions provided a platform for the development of attitude and skill in fluent reading. It also played a role in shaping the pronunciation of the English words. Word reading Word reading is a form of examination used to test the ability of a child to spell and pronounce words correctly. The main objective of this form of examination is to develop the confidence of the learner during speaking. Emma had 86% of confidence at this stage. This indicates that she had mentally grown as portrayed by her ability to respond to simple comprehensions word reading and oral comprehension. Emma scored a total of 401 marks. Oral expression Oral expressions were used to test the ability in pronunciation. Emma attained 442marks in this section. Her level of confidence rose to 88% which was an improvement of 2%. She had begun to develop courage with her expressions. This aspect presented a positive direction towards mental growth. Spelling This was done in the adverse stages of the evaluation and training system of activities. Emma was 6 years old when she took the spelling examination. It came to the teacher’s attention that Emma lacked confidence in spellings thus make small mistakes during the pronunciation acts. She managed to score 334 marks which were worse than the initial scores from the other examination titles. Hear level of confidence had dropped to 76% during the last stage of the rehabilitation and training process. This result portrayed her major area of weakness. She was recommended to try and gain confidence during this stage in order to totally perfect` her language. Conclusion Early childhood education is essential in the growth of a person as it determines the mental growth. Many countries have put emphasis in this curriculum as it is an important stage of development. In this case, early childhood education should be highly endorsed globally as it is the first stage in the development of self identity. Work Cited Keating Daniel P. Nature and Nurture in Early Child Development. London. Cambridge University Press, 2011. Print Marian Marion. Introduction to Early Childhood Education: A Developmental Perspective. Amsterdam. Pearson Education, Limited. 2009. Print Meek Margaret. Learning To Read. London. RHCP, 2012. Print Neaum Sally. Child Development for Early Childhood Studies. Early Childhood Studies Series. New York. SAGE, 2010. Print Robinson Maria. Understanding Behaviour and Development in Early Childhood: A Guide to Theory and Practice. New York. Routledge. 2010. Print Read More
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