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Informal Reading Assessment - Case Study Example

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His class teacher since the first grade has been Miss Weiner. John is an exceptionally discipline boy, and he never misses classes unless he is sick. Part from the academic…
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Informal Reading Assessment Case Study
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Extract of sample "Informal Reading Assessment"

Download file to see previous pages Moreover, the class teacher did not brief him about the assessment. After I explained in details the purpose of our meeting, john was extremely inquisitive to know why I was assessing him. In fact, he asked me if their class teacher was not qualified enough to conduct the assessment. I explained to him that all the other students were to undergo the same test. As I was about to start the test, I realized that John was busy trying to find out what was in my laptop. I asked him what his favorite class program was, and he told me about a cartoon TV program that he always watches at home in the evening. I listen to him so that he would feel appreciated. John answered short answer questions extremely well. However, I kept quiet and looked at the laptop when I asked him to explain some questions. This was expected because at his age, a child does not like challenging things or questions.
John did not have many problems on the word list. In fact, all the questions on the word list for grade three were not an issue to him. He was able to handle them with a lot of ease. His frustration manifested on instructional and partly independent level, where he could miss the pronunciation of words whose syllables are almost similar. The greatest problem is where he could say the words that are particularly common in the text books whenever he sees a similar word. For example, it was…. For any sentence that start with It. This also resulted to confusion of words whose last syllables changes. For instance, he said enabled instead of enabling. Another problem was reading long words. He had a habit of skipping such word because they were hard to pronounce. In addition, he would interchange the pronunciation of some words. For instance, t instead of d. this is attributed to the influence of child’s first language. Goal
The teacher needs to give more concentration on john’s points of weaknesses. The best way to improve on such areas is giving more assignments on the same ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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